drunken tetris

Last Tuesday night, Heather and I went to glass fusing class. It wasn’t so much “glass fusing” as it was “glass gluing” – you arrange your pieces, then they take it away for firing and you can pick it up in a week. Still, we had a lot of fun and are making plans to do it again.

I didn’t have any ideas going into the class, but eventually decided on a theme of “drunken Tetris”:

so bad at tetris

See, you’re not only really drunk and therefore bad at Tetris, you’re SO drunk that Space Invaders are showing up on your screen for NO REASON.

Making the Space Invader was a pain in the ass, as I had to cut all the “pixel” chips individually:

boop boop beep i am a space invader

Still, I was kind of happy with how he turned out given my utter lack of artistic ability.

Also, I made a thing:

seen here: one thing

I picked up our pieces last night, and they turned out kind of neat:

omg i'm like sooo drunk

Everything is all blobby, including my space intruder:

*bubble noises*

Nothing melted quite flat, but it looks pretty cool and the fancy glass I used for the long Tetris piece is awesome:

it doesn't actually show up here so you'll have to take my word of awesome

Super fun crafty goodness. As much as trying to do pixel stuff in glass was time consuming and difficult, I’m kind of in love – it would be fun to do a whole series of video game themed things. The plate I made is 8×8, but I could get behind doing a set of coasters or something with a single image on it (I added the space invader because there was too much white space on my ‘screen’). Hmm. Must plan additional crafts. Fun, and it keeps me out of trouble. It’s win win!

Heather went for pretty, and made a flowery plate:

less drunken, more pretty!

Her pendant turned out really nice as well:


My smaller piece turned out .. okay. I made the mistake of using glass that was too dark for the surface, and they melted down into blobs. When held up to the light it looks pretty awesome, but it wouldn’t make a particularly attractive necklace so I’ll likely use it as a sun catcher in a window for full non-blobbiness.

Coco and Dirk update: they’re still there. No nest, but they’re not leaving. Wonder if they’ve decided to move in?

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