scour the house

Ed’s parent are on their way over from Edmonton for their very first visit to Sparta. We’ve spent the week cleaning, but went into a full throttle panic blitz this morning: floors were mopped, tubs were scrubbed, decorative rugs were thrown over stains. I took the opportunity to do some rearranging as well, and moved/consolidated/recycled/tossed a great deal of stuff from the huge shelf next to my desk. I even went through my closet and drawers and collected three bags of clothing to donate, and another two bags of books/school supplies. The gay porn has been relocated to the bedroom, the sex toys hidden in furniture, and the flogger and paddle obscured by a conveniently hanging jacket. We’re almost ready for parents! All that’s left to do is shower (scrubbing is sweaty work), take out the garbage, and drop off the donations.

The weather looks like it’s going to behave for the long weekend, and we’ve got some fun things planned. I’m looking forward to this visit – I haven’t seen Ed’s parents in way too long because they don’t come out here often and I am still boycotting Alberta for existing. Plus, we want to show off our place that they helped us buy – I’ve been bugging them to come out for almost two years, and they’re almost here! Yay!

I’m feeling pretty good about myself, actually. Not only is my bathroom a sparking triumph of bleach and soap scum remover, but I finished the complete 3rd draft of the new employee manual at work and dropped it off on my boss’s desk. I had a sudden burst of inspiration yesterday at 4pm and added an additional six pages of content and a fancy cover, and I am ridiculously pleased. Here’s hoping it’ll only need some minor tweaks (our new CEO threw a wrench into sections 2 and 7) and I can get with the launching already. Accomplishment! I haz it.

I’m not one to normally covet furniture, but every time I see this I want it more:

want. want want want.

This is what I would look like if I was furniture. It’s GORGEOUS and on sale and completely ridiculous and oh man I think I might have to start saving up for it because it is just glorious.

Ed is giving me dirty looks because he is cleaning while I am masturbating to furniture, so I’m going to hide in my shiny bathroom and play Jetpack Joyride (which, if you don’t have, means you hate fun).

Renee, sing along with me!

scour the house
flip the wig
shake the tree
scour the house
flip the wig
shake the tree
until your
whereabouts are known to me

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