lolagate 2: the updatening

Longest long weekend ever. I’m almost glad to be back to work, if only because I can snooze a little while editing stuff – I’m tired. Is it Friday yet?

The weekend was non-stop, starting on Thursday evening. We had a great visit with Ed’s parents, who were duly impressed with both Sparta and the sparkling cleanness of it all. We went everywhere (including the middle of the ocean) and ate out so much I am kind of sick of food, but it was cool to hang out with them and show them all our favourite places. Hopefully it won’t be three years until the next visit!

An update on Lola: I did get her back before we left for Seattle last week, and she’s riding so much better. It’s awesome to have her back, especially since the weather has been just incredible – okay, I’ve been too busy to actually DO much riding, but at least I can dream about it. Plus, I have no real plans this weekend so I plan to do a lot of riding if this weather holds out.

So, there’s that. Of course, not everything went as planned: both the shop and Piaggio USA (who took over for Vespa Canada when it disappeared) refused to honour the warranty. We had to pay $670 out of pocket to get her back, which is less than we had expected the bill to be but still $670 we shouldn’t have to pay at all. My only recourse at this point is to go after Costco Canada, which I will be doing this week. I hate this – I am no good at Going After people, even if I have a valid case to make. I’m bummed that neither organization was willing to step forward to even meet us halfway on the cost of the repair, which I would have been satisfied with, in the name of customer service or being at least apologetic for the situation.

Anyone know how to get in touch with anyone at Costco who’d actually have the power to help?


2 thoughts on “lolagate 2: the updatening

  1. Start with the customer service desk at your local Costco. They have a stellar return policy. Tasha returned a broken TV set, way out of warranty, that she bought in Kelowna, to a Costco in Victoria.

    I bet you get some satisfaction out of them.

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