plus several things that look like beans

This bacon is inedible:


This is glorious bacon:

yummy yum yum




brava! bellissima!

I like my bacon so crispy it breaks when you look at it. Floppy greasy moist bacon is a crime against the pig that died to provide it.


11 thoughts on “plus several things that look like beans

  1. When getting to know someone (friend / girlfriend), one of the questions that eventually comes up is “Do you like your bacon crispy or chewy?”. I don’t understand those that like it chewy. It’s like bacon-flavoured rubber, which is especially annoying if it’s in a burger… there are times when I have accidentally ripped a burger apart because I couldn’t bite through the bacon. For me, crispy is the only way. It’s how I was brought up, and if I have enough of it (which is a good possibility), it’ll be the reason for my end. ;-)

  2. I think you’ve labelled your pictures incorrectly. The pics featuring succulent, juicy, tasty British-style bacon, you’ve titled ‘inedible’, which is obviously wrong. The photo’s showing the brittle strips of tasteless rubbish that are served instead of bacon in Canada, Aussie, and the States you appear to have labelled ‘wonderful’, again incorrectly. Hope my pointing out your mistake is useful to you, and you enjoy a ‘full english’ when you visit the UK!

  3. I am on your side. I love crispy bacon. Not when it crumples when you eat it, but just the right crispiness to get a good crunch when you eat it.

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