the 1am baby in 217

The entire time we’ve been living in Sparta, the suite below us has been vacant. We looked at it when we were buying, but it was really expensive due to the additional room (the balcony was an office) and it had lousy windows in the second bedroom. I’m happy with our home, but every now and then I get wistful about the balcony/office – we never use ours because it’s loud and dirty and there are undead gnomes everywhere. If it was enclosed, it would have been mine – I don’t have a room of my own in Sparta, and as an only child who hates to share, I yearn for a private area that holds more than one. It’s not like anything I do is a secret, but I want a Kimli room that is completely mine to decorate and hide in as I see fit.

Anyway, this isn’t about my lack of a secret lair – it’s about the downstairs suite. At some point in the last month or so, someone moved into 217. I assume they’re new to the building, and I wish them the best of luck for three reasons:

  • The suite has a history of gas leaks (that haven’t reoccurred since the last time we were in danger of explosions, so they may be fine)
  • Suite 217 is full of amorous dead things
  • The new tenant of 217 is a newborn baby

Settling in to a new home is difficult as it is – I can’t imagine what it must be like when you’re lacking in basic motor skills and the strength to hold your head up. It must be pretty frustrating, which might explain the all wailing we hear in the wee hours of the morning.

I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, so I’m usually awake well past midnight tossing and turning. Almost every night for the past two weeks, the baby downstairs has been crying up a mega storm around 1am. It’s not a big deal – the soundproofing in the building is actually quite good (the only reason we can hear Stompy Clomps upstairs is because she replaced all the carpeting with wooden shoes), and if anyone in the room with me is snoring (the cats snore like crazy) or the roads are wet and cars are driving by, I can’t hear anything. However, it’s been quiet enough lately that I CAN hear it, and while I’ve never actually seen or heard anyone else down there, I have to assume there are parents somewhere desperately trying to soothe Angry Baby. After all, if I can hear the shrieking through the floor, it must be terrible and crazy loud for them each night (and that probably sucks).

I’m posting my iPad on Craigslist today. I thought about it some more yesterday, and I’ve decided I want to go back to laptop land. I can’t justify having both, and there really isn’t much that I can do on my iPad that I don’t already do on my iPhone. I really don’t use my iPad as much as I thought I would, and the added functionality of a laptop far outweighs the things I’ll miss. I’ll really, really miss them, though – there are two games in particular that I really love but are iPad only: Corpse Craft and Cannibal Bunnies. And to be perfectly honest, I could live without the bunnies – but Corpse Craft is one of my favourite games (and it’s on sale this week for $1; go get it) and the thought of not having it on my iDevice is for sad making. I even emailed the developer this morning begging for a universal version. Boo for exclusivity I will no longer have (assuming someone buys my iPad)!

So hey, how about that turkey? I wish I had some.

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