hoo hoo hee hee

I woke up this morning with a migraine, but had to power through it because I had Important Things to do. As I waited for the caffeine and drugs to kick in, I found myself doing Lamaze – at least, my perception of how to do Lamaze, which is entirely based on what I’ve seen on TV. I exhaled in short bursts, made some train noises, had a panicked blundering husband in the background trying to fluff my pillows and pack a suitcase at the same time, and swore a lot. None of this really seemed to help, and I gave some serious thought about boiling a pot of water just in case (and probably would have, if I didn’t need to leave the house). Why I thought these things would ease my headache is a mystery to me, but once I made the Lamaze connection I just sort of went with it. I mean, it couldn’t HURT, and as long as I concentrated on breathing funny I didn’t have the wherewithal to focus on just how badly my head was throbbing. It was a good system, and now I feel confident that I could totally have a baby if I needed to. Success!

My head does hurt a lot less, though. The drugs finally kicked in and getting out of the house worked wonders. Also, I have Nutter Butters. As far as Wednesdays go, this is the best one I’ve had in months.


3 thoughts on “hoo hoo hee hee

  1. It’s funny that I’m delurking at THIS post to speak up, but it cracked me up. Your lamaze breathing sounds a little like pranayama breathing in yoga. I just Googled it, to be sure that I’m right, and yes, researchers have found it is beneficial in treating stress-related disorders. Actually, I have wanted to speak up a few times to say that I think a little yoga might be helpful in your life. It has certainly changed mine — I am not especially spiritual, don’t chant or wear essential oils — but I find it helps me calm down, breathe better, sleep better, generally feel better … and a bunch of other stuff too.

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