i have a (new) dream

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live in a house boat – not a boat that doubles as home, but a house moored at a dock like this:

dazzling victoria sunset not always included

I got as far as doing preliminary research and making plans that Ed tried to thwart with lies and betrayal, but in the end it was all moot – we bought our nice, traditional condo home and moved into it in a nice, traditional way where we live our nice, traditional life. My dream to live on the water was shelved, although I still get a little wistful and dreamy whenever I see a houseboat and picture myself living there and wearing nothing but purple and a lot of fancy hats.

People change, and dreams change with them. I’ve recently become aware of a brand new dream, one that is technically much cheaper than the houseboat plan .. but in reality, a place that always seems to mess up my awesome ideas, is just as far-fetched and unlikely.

I want to own an Airstream trailer.

Not to travel in, but to use as an office and/or Secret Kimli Space like this or this or this or these. It would be an expensive undertaking, but it would be SO COOL – I often daydream about a space of my very own, and something about the old school bubbly silver Airstreams just sings to me and makes my insides all squishy with glee. There are some absolutely gorgeous restorations, modernizations, or even original vintage models out there – I spent the better part of an afternoon drooling over pictures of my dream office. Just like I can absolutely see myself living on a houseboat and wearing purple, I can picture all my stuff inside an Airstream and it would be quirky and awesome and so totally me. It’s an expensive dream, but significantly less so than owning a houseboat so I should totally do it, what with my no job and all.

Still, the expense could theoretically be managed – I’ll simply pray to my dad and he’ll use his powers from beyond the grave to bestow riches on me, like Jesus must have done – but .. well, I live in a nice, traditional condo. With no land. Even if I had an Airstream, and restored it, and filled it to the brim with happy Kimli good times .. where would it go? I have no yard, front OR back. Something tells me that Ed wouldn’t be crazy about my living in a trailer in our living room, and it probably won’t fit on the balcony. In the end, my shiny new dream is just as unattainable as the houseboat, that is sad making.

Still, some dreams are meant to be wild and impossible and the stuff of pure fantasy. Life wouldn’t really be very interesting if dreams consisted of mundane things like a Tuesday without rain or a sale on broccoli – and who knows? Stranger things have happened. Maybe some day I’ll have the office of my dreams, and I’ll invite you all over for tea and cupcakes and it will be the stuff of legends.

In the meantime, I’m going to treat myself to this. It’s a tiny reminder of my dream, and something to fantasize about that doesn’t involve nudity (yet).

What’s your dream?

One thought on “i have a (new) dream

  1. the boyfriend also wants to own an airstream as a backyard office slash man cave. i’m trying to convince him to take it on the road instead. we should totally park ours side by side in some trailer park.

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