all caught up

I can’t help but feel my complete inability to sleep is somewhat getting in the way of my life, as it is very difficult to do anything at all when your brain train refuses to stay on track and you’re staggering around like you ought to know all the best sea shanties on the waters today.

On the upside though, I am now completely caught up on what’s been going on in the Marvel Universe since I stopped reading comic books in 1990.

My week is off to an inauspicious start, which is directly tied to this delicious insomnia. I have a goal for the week, which is to get a portfolio of my tech writing work online. Today was supposed to be the kickoff of my Week of Productivity, but it’s hard to convince others that you’re awesome when you can’t think – I am fairly certain my molecular structure is beginning to break down because I am so .. whatever this is. It’s not good. Can I get a do-over on my Sunday night?

I need to leave the house. I don’t trust myself to drive on an hour of sleep, so I’m just going to walk to the gas station for Diet Coke. Finishing the last of it last night at 8pm in an attempt to force myself out of the house today might have been a good idea when sleep was still on the agenda, but right now I kind of want to punch Last Night Kimli in the box and steal her delicious juice.

Man, how about that House of M story arc?

2 thoughts on “all caught up

  1. I was having trouble sleeping until I switched to caffeine-free DC after about 5 (It’s not so bad…). Caffeine affects your nervous system for about 6 hours after you’ve drunk it, so it’s worth giving that a try, especially if you have anxiety and other things to keep you awake. I also turn off the TV-things an hour before bed, and I installed F.lux on my computer so that it would change its colour temp to “evening” ( after sunset. It’s sort of helped – I still toss and turn a bit, but I have actually been falling asleep mostly on time.

  2. Cught up on what’s been going on in the Marvel Universe since 1990? Does that mean that you actually read the “Clone Saga”? And “One More Day”? And all those multiple-cover “bad girl” books? That’s enough to put someone off comics forever — as the collapse of the industry since the ’90s proves.

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