so this happened

Well, let’s start with the positives:

  • My white hairs are completely covered
  • The pillowcases will probably be okay after they’ve been washed
  • I really like the black parts that didn’t get covered
  • No chemicals!
  • I can do another coat in a darker colour immediately if I want
  • Even though my pillows look like I murdered someone with a hammer, you can’t see the stains with new pillowcases on
  • I like the earthy smell, so I can live with my tragic pillows
  • It doesn’t look THAT bad

On the other hand ..

  • I feel like I should be singing a duet with Ozzy
  • Seriously, I bought “Caca Rouge” not “Caca ALL THE ORANGE”
  • I kind of really did ruin my pillows, but I love them so I’ll ignore the stains
  • I should have known that I can’t remain still while sleeping; the saran wrap night cap was a bad idea

hello i'm ORANGE


Does it look as bad as I fear it does? :(

2 thoughts on “so this happened

  1. Henna oxidizes and turns darker 24-72 hours after it’s been applied so it will look less orange in a couple of days. I think once it darkens it will look (more) amazing. I find the Lush hennas are super messy and hard to use. I prefer the henna from I have some Rajasthani Twilight and it’s a deep dark red.

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