i will help you and you will like it

As I ease myself back into space, I’ve been working with the support team to learn their methods and absorb their life energies (becoming more powerful than you could possibly imagine). This is fine with me – what better way to learn about all the things I’m totally going to change than to do the job in the first place? – but I am being seriously restrained, and I’m not at all used to it. This is only my 8th day on the job, but I am used to working at lightning speeds and pulling miracles out of my ass on a regular basis – so to be told that I can’t answer tickets or help people yet until .. well, I’m not sure until what. Just “not now”. This stinks, and I am bristly with being held back – I LIKE helping people. I’m GOOD at solving problems, and I’m BORED otherwise. I’d much rather jump in with both feet and poke around, figuring out things and generally spreading my awesomeness around like a virulent strain of full contact herpes. I’m completely not used to being the new girl who doesn’t know anything; I always have all the answers – so let me learn by doing, instead of waiting for someone to have the time to hold my hand when I’m already operating at warp 6.

We’re short staffed today, so I’m forcing myself into the queue and answering tickets. TAKE THAT! I WILL HELP YOU WHETHER I’M SUPPOSED TO OR NOT! neener neener can’t stop me i’m the magic man

Baby steps are for losers.

I couldn’t find elastics this morning, so I attempted to make ponytails using craft wire. Apparently this is a strange thing to do (and it didn’t work very well), because Ed laughed at me. What does he know? His hair’s never been longer than 2″. He knows not of girlie hair issues, like dealing with accidental orange hair. It’s not as bright today, which is good – it’s less “traffic cone” and more “Japanese girl got into the bleach again”. I might buy some black and go over it again; I might not care enough either way. Oh, apathy! You are so responsible for most of my ridiculousness!

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