we are eleven

If my blog was a child, it would have some pretty serious resentment towards me and my blasé remembrance of significant dates. It would also likely be pestering me for a cell phone, want (or if it took after me, need) a training bra, and require a PG-13 version of “the talk” which I completely wouldn’t know how to deliver without using finger puppets and screaming “NEVER GO A2M” over and over again which would probably be incredibly traumatic. So, it’s good for everyone that my blog is NOT a child, but rather just a personal website that I’ve now been writing on for 11 years.

Honestly, this past year has been a big struggle and it often felt like I was limping towards some unknown finish line somewhere in front of me. I don’t know what the future holds for me or for Delicious Juice Dot Com, but I mightily appreciate every one of you who’ve taken the time to read my words over the past 11 years. You guys are awesome; I’m just some idiot with an internet connection and a whole lot of cleavage.

Thanks for being out there, y’all.

when my blog turns 15, i'm making it get a damn job

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