domestic as fuck

I may have forgotten Earth Hour (sorry, planet – I’ll make it up to you tonight), but I have CONQUERED THE UNIVERSE (if by “universe” you mean “threading my sewing machine”, which I clearly do).

It was determined that yesterday was to be DDD-Day: Deacon’s Corner for brunch, Cartems for Donuts, and Dressew for supplies. Gillian couldn’t join Heather and I for the afternoon of sewing, but we had a good morning before parting ways – then Heather and I took over Sparta and crafted up the world. She made most of an awesome dress, and I made this hood and an awesome purse:

sewing !!

There’s even a goddamn pocket:

pocket will HOLD THINGS!

If that wasn’t enough, today I decided to do some BUNTING:

a-bunting we will go


I *think* I may have overcome my fear of threading, too – Heather showed me last night, and today I actually changed the thread out four times as I sewed up things requiring different colours. I’m dying to make some skirts already, but I’m not quite ready to tackle things that don’t go on my head or shoulder -sewing recipes scare me. They’re full of words and measurements and instructions that I don’t understand at all (which bothers me, because instructions are sort of my thing), so I need to have someone on hand to translate “pinch one bottom corner so that the side seam and bottom seam touch on the inside of the bag. The corner will form a triangle. Make sure the side and bottom seams line up on the inside. Mark 2 1⁄2” from the tip of the triangle to form the other two sides of the triangle” into regular words, because what the fuck.

I like making things!

Domesticity will continue well into the night: I’m making thai food. Hooray!

When I conquer skirts, my wardrobe is going to be SO MUCH MORE RIDICULOUS.


6 thoughts on “domestic as fuck

  1. Nice purse! I have a bit of that same fabric, which I once planned to make into a skirt or a shirt. It still sits…

    • I looooove that fabric; bought a yard of it on Etsy a couple years ago because it’s discontinued, and wanted to use it for something awesome. And I did! :D

    • Dude, not even. If Heather wasn’t there to translate, I’d have been completely screwed. You’ve made clothes and awesome things! I made a hood. You win!

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