in the hood

Now that I’ve showered and successfully integrated myself into society, I can show off the hood I made:

from the side i am not at all a creepy goth elf

It’s reversible; the other side has the same mushrooms as the tote bag I made.

yes i am wearing my hood in space

Fun times. Fun, messy times. I may never get all the thread leavings out of my carpet, but I am okay with that.

After work today, I have to go pick up our Wedding Clothes. We’re both in the wedding party, and our clothes needed fixing: Ed’s pants had to be hemmed, and because I am always made of difficult, my dress both had to have the zipper replaced (it came broken) and to be let out in the hips a little (I am hippy). The alterations didn’t cost too much, but I’m sad I can’t just wear my dress straight out of the bag like Miranda and Kris can. Hell, even if I didn’t need additional hip room I’d require the alteration: broken zipper is not good times, and it gave me a mighty complex that we completely fucked up my nipple span measurement and the dress didn’t fit. Thankfully, the dress fits fine .. it could just be a little less tight in the hips, have a zipper that wasn’t fucked up, and maybe have less of a cummerbund; something specific to me because I am two feet tall with no torso. I mean, if we’re wishfully thinking, and all.

I have SO MANY THINGS going on that I can’t write about, and it’s giving me mega marbles.

Instead, here is the Glitter Crow:



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