maybe you’re dying and maybe I DON’T CARE

The thought has occurred to me that the excessive horrible pot smoke from next door might be medicinal in nature. I’m really only basing this theory off two things: a) I’ve never, ever smelled pot as awful as this before and I’ve heard – perhaps erroneously – that medical marijuana is gross, and b) once for half a second I got a glimpse of someone who smelled the same, and he didn’t look so good. Maybe he wasn’t just old and pasty. Maybe he has painful diseases, and smokes the nasty pot to cope with them. Maybe I should be more compassionate towards my fellow man, and care less about the fact that half my house reeks.

Maybe fuck that.

I kind of don’t care if the guy is wasting away in his living room – I AM REALLY TIRED OF EVERYTHING STINKING LIKE HOBO POOP. It got better for a few weeks, but now is back with a vengeance at all hours of the day; not just late at night. Plus, the weather is getting nicer – so if I try to open my bedroom window to get some fresh air in to counter the pot, they’re out there smoking cigarettes and even more pot. I can’t win, and I’m getting really angry and paranoid and hungry. I don’t much know what to do about it, either. We’ve tried talking to them, and they’ve made it clear that they don’t care if we can smell their smoke. I’ve emailed the strata, and didn’t get a response. I’m having visions of being swabbed at the airport and detained because all my belongings are coated three inches thick in THC leavings, and they’ll throw me in airport jail where there’s no Diet Coke and I’ll get yelled at. I do not want that. At ALL.

So frustrated. Also, freaking out. Today’s Special: I was very bad at math and somehow managed to COMPLETELY RUN OUT OF CRAZY PILLS and I can’t get through to my useless doctor to book an appointment for more. Because this is totally what I need right now: more crazy. BRING IT ON!*

(*: please don’t bring it on. I can’t handle much more stress right now.)


2 thoughts on “maybe you’re dying and maybe I DON’T CARE

  1. If he’s on medicinal pot, he can rent vaporizers from the place on/near Commercial that gives out baked goods and stuff. I was told it was $10/week or maybe less. So if he’s doing it to help cope with a chronic problem, yet he can afford to live in your nice building, he should be able to afford that.

    I wish I didn’t know all this.

  2. How about contacting the health department, there must be a law on the books for second hand dope smoke. Or maybe just be a bitch and contact the VPD.

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