how much do you love me?

If you love me, you’d nominate me for Best Personal Blog over at the West Coast Social Media Awards. Nominations close Friday April 27th at noon, and it sure would be swell if I got nominated.

Why should I be considered for the Best Personal Blog award?

  • I’ve been blogging for over 11 years
  • I post a minimum of five times a week, often much more
  • My blog is incredibly personal – I’ve taken the lot of you through my many highs (both literal and figurative) and lows (so many lows); always trying to inform, entertain, and occasionally educate (making some people uncomfortable is just a fun bonus)
  • I can haz ethics: I’ve never sold anything commercial or accepted money for anything I’ve ever written
  • I’m a West Coast girl through and through – my blog may have started in Calgary, but my heart (and since 2004, the rest of me) has always been in Vancouver
  • Seriously, I’ve written over 5000 original, unique blog posts – I should get some kind of award for that alone
  • Everyone likes to feel appreciated

Nominees will be announced on Monday April 30th. If I manage to get nominated (please please please), I’ll be bugging you to vote for me – but that’s step 2; let’s get through step 1 first. And I promise the bugging will be entertaining, and involve bribery and boobs and candy. You like candy, don’t you? Well, nominate me and you’ll get candy. You can’t lose!

Um, if you do happen to nominate me, you’ll need my phone number for some dumb reason. Email or DM me for it!

Okay, back to work. A post with a good deal less shameful begging shall follow this one (the trade off: additional shameful self-promotion. I’m great! Get on board with it!).


3 thoughts on “how much do you love me?

  1. Nominated you, mo-fo =) I did need your number but I ended up putting 604-000-0000 because I didn’t know LOL.. An excerpt: “Kimli has a fresh and hilariously sarcastic, edgy and almost narcissistic meme-filled way of blogging about her life. She is relatable and updated on the latest internet jargon and news. Also, she writes in such a way that you are absolutely convinced that she is right about everything and you need to support her. Kind of like she’s that best-friend-you-always-ask-for-advice-and-sometimes-serves-you-the-truth-with-your-head-on-a-platter-and-a-side-of-your-ego-instead-of-fries. She also frequently updates and has been consistent for about 11 years. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.”

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