when joshy met shanny

The story of how Josh and Shan met is a complicated one, with more than half a dozen people taking credit for their relationship (myself and Ed included). Shan wanted to tell the story of how they met at their wedding, but it’s very hard to follow if you’re not Rain Man .. so I did what I always do when something is complicated: I made a flow chart.

tech writers gotta tech write

Shan wanted a flow chart in the style of the VC Andrews ones I’d done, and I was happy to oblige. Unfortunately, the “how we met” portion of the evening was forgotten amongst the excitement of the wedding day, but the flow chart was available for viewing during the post-wedding brunch and has been posted on Josh and Shan’s wedding site, Facebook, and now here.

I like flow chartin’.

2 thoughts on “when joshy met shanny

  1. It’s true, you guys are totally to blame for us hooking up! I remember the restaurants and shy flirting. And you convinced us to move to BC! awesome. But don’t worry, should anything go awry, we shall blame someone else :)

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