i go both ways

So, this happened:

blah blah aren’t the droids i’m looking for blah

It’s a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0.

Why? Well, two good reasons:

  1. I hate the fact that there’s a widely-used OS out there that I know nothing about, so I wanted to try out Android for myself
  2. Part of my job will involve diddling Androids, and I much prefer diddling my own instead of that which has been diddled by so many before me

And two terrible reasons:

  1. NEW. TOY.
  2. .. there are three Kairosoft games available for Android (Cafeteria Nipponica, Dungeon Village, and World Cruise Story) that aren’t available for iOS, and I want them

I had been thinking about getting a tablet for a while, but I know giving up my iPad was the right choice. I never used it, and anything I might want to do on an iPad I can do at work on any of the dozens of tablets there. In my (utterly awesome) new job, I could be asked to work some magic on Android at any time, and I really know nothing about it – and as a proud nerd with a boner for mobile technology, I hate being in the dark about something so common. With that in mind, I started to research Android tablets, but I still wasn’t ready to spend so much money on something that’s little more than a passing curiosity on my part. It would take far greater than a professional itch to make me give up my beloved iPhone, so getting some sort of fancy new telephonic device was out. Finally, after spending a day making terrible jokes about a dropped iPod Touch and football, I realized the answer was sitting in front of me: I was looking for the Android equivalent of an iPod Touch. Twitter came through with some good suggestions, and I settled on the Samsung Galaxy Player pictured above.

Of course, it’s never really that easy – for the most part, the 5.0 isn’t available in Canada. I planned on driving down to Bellingham to pick one up when I decided to Google a little bit harder, and lo – I found it on the Staples.ca website, for $20 less than Best Buy.usa. Hooray! I ordered it on Thursday, and it arrived at my office yesterday afternoon.

I’m still learning my way around Android, but the biggest difference so far is the size – the ‘droid is fucking HUGE. In fact, I named it The Behemoth. It has a 5″ screen, and it’s just enormous next to my iPhone. Still, the size makes me really glad I didn’t opt for a tablet after all – the Galaxy is basically a tiny tablet for tiny elf hands, like mine. I know I could have spent a little more and gotten a 7″ Galaxy Tab instead, but I’m pleased I went this route. It’s small enough to carry around in case I need to solve any iOS vs. Android arguments, I get to play exciting new games that I can’t get on my iPhone, and I didn’t spend a bajillion dollars on it. Also, I’m learning. Learning is good.

The Behemoth is so large, in fact, that it doesn’t fit in any of the cases or pouches I have, so I’m gonna sew one up. New toy AND I get to practice sewing? Buying it was such a good idea! I am so smart.

For size comparison, here is the Behemoth next to Tunnel Snakes Rule (my iPhone), Ed’s work Blackberry, my iPod Nano (shut up, I love my Apple products), and the new portable battery charger I had to get because the voltage changed from the 4 to the 4s and my old charger didn’t work anymore:

i’m connected to the internet SO MANY TIMES



10 thoughts on “i go both ways

  1. I’m doing an iPad & a droid phone… when they come at the same time, it’s wonderful… but they don’t do that very often. Games are pretty good, but apps pretty much suck… one or the other is lots better.

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