causing trouble

If I’m going to do anything at all, I’m going to do it with style.

Yesterday one of our (many – I think they’re breeding) co-ops posted an article in chat about Rummy Bears: gummy bears soaked in alcohol. This sounded like the best idea I’ve ever heard in forever, so instead of being satisfied with “ooh we should do this someday” I MADE IT HAPPEN:

sorry about your desk, cory

I bring candy in to bribe my coworkers into liking me (and to look the other way when it comes to my flagrant furniture hoarding), so I have a stockpile in the cupboard for emergencies. I knew one of those emergency candy buckets was full of gummy candy and I have a lot of alcohol at home that simply collects dust on account of my wanton teetotaling, so with the help of my new Brit, we quite literally put two and two together. There are three buckets of gummies fermenting on the windowsill: cherry gummies in Añejo Blanco, random berries in Añejo 3 Años, and gummy worms in Añejo 7 AñosThey’ll soak until 5pm or so, and then we will crack them open and feast on the goo inside.

If I’m going to fall off my self-imposed wagon (twice in one month – I clearly need an intervention for my out-of-control drinking), I’m going to do it in the most ridiculous manner I can find. This fits the bill pretty well, I think. Stay tuned for the sloppy aftermath! If this works well (and really, this is just an experiment – we’re doing SCIENCE), I’ve got an AWESOME IDEA for tequila and strawberry cream gummies.

Can’t wait until 5!

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