sweet sticky success

Operation: Rummy Gummies was a success.

We opened the containers after 5 hours to check on them, and a few brave volunteers tried out the gooey contents within. The cherries in white rum were deemed “really tasty”, but the other two batches were eye-wateringly strong so we added the rest of the gummies to the sticky liquid and let them soak for a few more hours. Just after 4pm, we opened the lot of them (and made the entire floor smell like a distillery – oops). I gathered some supplies for the unveiling, and we dove in:

presentation is everything

oh dear god

The gummies had soaked up most of the alcohol, but didn’t dissolve – they turned into a slippery, seething mass that looked almost alive:

i swear i saw them moving

Once they had been plated, Adam was true to his word:

down the british hatch

The gummies had been soaking in rum for almost 8 hours, and they were STRONG. They were also deceptive – you could eat some (they tasted like cough syrup) and not really feel anything except your tongue going numb, but once your body absorbed the goo you were in for a bit of a shock. I ate four pieces or so, and felt mostly fine – I still had work to do, and I managed to answer some questions without sounding like a complete fool – but an hour or so later, my world was spinning. I stumbled off my bus, unsure of why I felt so out of it (apparently the potent combination of booze and sugar also made me stupid) but going with the floaty feelings for lack of anything better to do. Then .. I passed out.

It was half “really long week and I’m tired” nap and half “WOOOOOO BOOZE”, but I had myself a nice little sleep on Friday evening before tucking into several hours of Diablo 3 and corn nuts.

So, the overall verdict:

  • Rummy gummies are awesome
  • I still can’t hold my liquor
  • Gobs and gobs of sugar might be the secret to keeping the burning at bay
  • Phase Two of this experiment will involve tequila (for me), vodka (for everyone else), and Heather’s birthday
  • That batch will be prepared several days before the party for maximum effect
  • I love my job


sorry about your desk, tyson

Next up: why Heather, Renee and I were detained by The Man (hint: RACIAL PROFILING)!

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