if this cake could talk

It was a busy long weekend; one I’m not yet recovered from. I got my haircut and brows waxed on Friday, henna’d my hair on Saturday (while reading horrible books), played a lot of Diablo 3. Things were kind of lazy and pantless until Sunday, which is just how I like it (and how I’m quite seriously counting down the seconds until I can go home tonight to continue my life of pantless leisure), but eventually the siren song of the grocery store won out: I needed supplies for Heather’s birthday SBBQ. Full up of meat and gummies, we went home for a whirlwind afternoon of dip preparation before dragging Josh and Shan up a mountain later that evening: it was Canada Day, and there were fireworks to behold from far, far away:



Not shown: 7 mosquito bites and the wicked black lung I got from the second-hand smoke. Thanks for sharing, assholes. I wasn’t there for the fresh mountain air, or anything.

Monday was the stat in lieu of Canada Day, and it was a busy one. We were supposed to be going to a SBBQ at Josh and Shan’s place, in honour of Heather’s birthday (which is today – go wish her a happy day), but the weather wasn’t playing along. Rather than move the party to a pub, I suggested we hold it at SPARTA instead. All important parties agreed, and just like that I went from spending an afternoon out to hosting 18-ish people in our house for the evening. I hadn’t had nearly enough sleep, but I leapt out of bed and started cleaning. Luckily, the house wasn’t THAT bad – no matter how much Ed complains about the horrible filth we live in, it really only takes us a couple of hours to do a deep clean. We were ready for guests by 1pm, and more importantly, ready for the delivery of the secret cake:

apparently, daleks are chocolate inside

Hooray for surprises! The cake was made by Candice of Love Your Cake, and was completely delicious. Between the awesome cake and the disturbing amounts of food people brought over, everyone was stuffed into oblivion and beyond – I don’t think I want to look at another piece of meat, let alone put it in my mouth.The weekend festivities led to an extremely slow start to my morning, but the week has officially started rolling again – it helps that the week is almost half over already, thanks to the Monday off. Still, I need a great big squishy nap to sleep off all the cake I ate.


Sleeping now.

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