asians? in MY canada?

It’s always a good morning when I can get sucked into controversy on Twitter before 9am.

Reports out of Ottawa today reveal that the new plastic Canadian $100 (which, as a poor person, I only see on TV) originally had a vaguely Asian-looking woman on the back, but focus groups had a problem with that:

One person in Fredericton commented “The person on it appears to be of Asian descent which doesn’t rep(resent) Canada. It is fairly ugly.”

If ever there was a good time to *facepalm*, it is now – so many what the fucks.

  • Canada is multicultural – featuring someone who isn’t Caucasian on one section of our 6 coins and 5 bills isn’t multicultural ENOUGH, but it would have been a great start.
  • If you really want to get nitpicky (and apparently, people do) the woman being vaguely Asian or not wasn’t the POINT – it was supposed to celebrate medical advancements in Canada
  • Why the fuck does the release of new bank notes require a focus group? It’s money. Make it available, and we’ll spend it.
  • How much did that focus group cost? How much did the emergency redesign cost?
  • Was ANYONE from that focus group from the West Coast? We aren’t nearly as afraid of Asians as they seem to be in NB and QC.
  • They removed the offending vaguely Asian threat and replaced it with .. the singer from A-ha:

taaaaaake oooooon meeeeeeeee .. taaaake meeeeee oooon

What the fuck. What the fuck all OVER the place.

Not happy with the decision the Bank of Canada made to de-Asian the bill, I decided to Asian it back up again on my own:

aww yeah

Finally. Money that represents MY Canada!


2 thoughts on “asians? in MY canada?

  1. Currency so distracting would cause me to forget to ask for change, or worse, yet, I’d never spend it. How about your image on $5 bills, so that lads could walk about with rolls of them stuffed in their pants?

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