london times (days 2-3)

My feet hate me, I want to buy everything with the Union Jack on it, we’ve been soaking in culture for two days and we keep doing pubs wrong, but London is amazing and I am in no great hurry to leave.

Tuesday’s plan of Up and At Them was a success. We’ve been unsure what the weather plans to do on any given day, so we’ve been playing it somewhat cautiously – that being said, Tuesday turned out to be quite nice with the sun making a special guest appearance in the afternoon. The first order of business of the day was to find me a SIM card already so we’d have at least one device with a data plan, and after visiting four different carriers (of the 5 main ones) we finally were able to get connected. Feeling slightly better about our chances should we go off into a dark corner seething with thongs, we set off in a mad dash for .. well, shoes. Ed’s been looking for a pair of Vision Street Wear shoes like he had when he was 12 for about 3 years now, and after a wild goose chase and an accidental descent into Sports Madness, we (okay, he) hit the shoe jackpot: the rare, sold-nowhere-but-Japan-and-not-online kicks, in his size, in two colours he wanted, for squiggly-L 18 a pair. We quite literally spent the better part of a mid-afternoon walking between Oxford and Piccadilly Circuses, looking for shoes .. but it was a nice day out, Ed was delighted at the find, and now I can make him come to Harrod’s with me (“but I helped you find your shooooooooes”).

We ate some lunch, then hit up the waterfront to gawk at the Thames. We crossed the river (twice), then walked over to Big Ben, the Parliament building, and Westminster Abbey. The sun was setting and the financial district was all deserted and creepy, so we headed home to bathe and eat and work for three hours for some reason. 

Our mutual uneasy sleep was slow to shake off, but we walked to the British Museum and spent four hours there. We didn’t even make it past the first floor; there was so much to see – we’re planning on going back again next week, because we were unable to see everything we wanted to before food was required.

From the museum, it was off to Covent Gardens for food and more wandering. We stopped at M&S for tights, more lacy g-strings for my mother (goddamnit), and food before collapsing onto a train full of drunk football fans. I barely made it home in one piece, my feet hurt so bad .. but we’re cozy in bed, internetting in a variety of exciting ways, and planning to spend most of tomorrow on the back of a tour bus: no walking required.

Tomorrow is not written in stone, but Friday night we will definitely be going to the V&A and I bloody well can’t wait.

Here are some pictures!

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