london times (days 4-6)

I managed 6 whole days before resorting to a bulleted list. Aren’t you proud of me?


  • Bus Tour of London
  • River cruise from the Tower of London to Westminster Abbey
  • Harrod’s to gawk at rich people toys


  • Another river cruise (this is a reoccurring theme; we’ve cruised the Thames at least 4 times)
  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower of London
  • Namco Funscape
  • Delicious burgers for dinner!


  • Wandered around Southbank
  • Visited the British War Museum (sobering)
  • Realized we were completely going the wrong way when we saw we were at City Hall; turned around
  • Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Tate Modern


We didn’t make it to the V&A on Friday night, so that’ll be happening next week along with re-visits to the Tower of London and the British Museum. Tomorrow we’re sticking around the ‘hood; picking up things people have asked for and just trying to take it easy since we’ve been on our feet since we landed last Sunday.

I’m too tired to post pictures, but you can check out my Instagram feed – I’ve been posting regularly; Ed slightly less so.

Okay, here’s one picture:



3 thoughts on “london times (days 4-6)

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, I envy you! If you get the chance go to the City of London Museum it has the history of London through the ages. It is in the Barbican area of London.

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