grateful in specifics

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadians! I am thankful for a whole lot of things – I try to appreciate all that I have and never forget how fortunate I am – but there are some specifics I am grateful for today that need to be called out all special like:

  • Renee, for giving Ed and I a ride to the airport the day we left for our trip
  • Shan and Heather, for feeding our cats and making sure they were not without love while we were gone
  • Josh and Shan, for picking us up at the airport when we came home
  • Heather, who couldn’t attend Operation: Pickup in person but was there in spirit and in Mazda 3, which she lent us because all our stuff wouldn’t fit in a Mini
  • Reilly, for coming over to give our Mini a boost yesterday when we discovered our battery had died while we were gone
  • Miranda, for hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 20+ people and making her legendary ham and sweet potatoes and other delicious foods

I am super grateful for all of you, and thankful that we know such awesome people!

Today is the last day of our vacation, and it will be spend running errands in preparation for our submersion back into the Real World tomorrow. It’s a gorgeous sunny fall day in Vancouver, our cats are beyond happy we are home, and life is great. I couldn’t ask for more, unless you are talking about Diet Coke in which case yes please I would like some more.

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