redemption kittens

Given the brutality of the headache I woke up with this morning, it is entirely possible that I am going to keel over and expire any second now. If my impending doom is as near as it feels, I wouldn’t want my last blog post on this plane to be one in which I am really mean to a bunch of rotten kids .. so instead, here are some long overdue kittens in need of homes!

look at those eyes! photo by cindy hughes

Meet Marlowe! He is a gorgeous boy around 2 years old, and he needs a patient loving home with no dogs or children. He was brought to the shelter as a stray, and wasn’t able to be reunited with his family which made Marlowe a very sad boy. It took time and patience to get him to a point where he was able to trust people and accept affection, but he will still give warning growls if he feels overwhelmed. Once Marlowe is in a safe happy environment he’ll be a happy and loving kitty once again, not to mention making your house look better simply by association. He’d be okay with other cats as long as they weren’t vampire cats like mine, so if you have a place for this beautiful cat in your home, please contact Katie’s Place Shelter to arrange a meeting!

mystery kitty! photo by jackie dives

This lovely cat is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a piece of newsprint from an eastern European country leaning towards communism and nuclear secrets. I don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, s/he doesn’t have a name, and not much else is known other than “ooh, pretty!” Still, this very sweet kitty needs a home. If you’d like to meet him/her, please contact Lisa at Orphan Animal Pics for more information and possibly a clue in an old clock!

who am i? bring me home and give me a suitably elegant name!

Last but certainly not least, meet Stellaluna:


I’m not even going to try to sell you on Stellaluna in my own words, because someone did such an awesome writeup of her already:

Stellaluna is a little tease, full of beans and full of fun. She roars around after her brother Sir Edmund, tackling him and rolling around like it’s wrestling night. If she could giggle, she’d giggle for hours.

She’s really fun to watch, because she’s a bit wobbly. She has what we think is scoliosis, a curved spine, and no tail. This makes her a bit pear shaped, although she’s looking slimmer and sleeker as she grows into her young body. Meantime, she is sometimes unstable when she sits on her her round rump, and it doesn’t take much to topple her over. She’s oblivious to the fact that she’s different, of course, and happily rolls onto her side and up onto her feet and carries on.

Stellaluna’s back legs aren’t as strong as a normal kittens, and when she’s tired, she drags one of them behind her. The rest of the time, they move independently…. except when she’s running, in which case she hops like a rabbit, and goes like the wind. She’s adapted well to her disability, and is able to climb up onto the bed or sofa using mostly her arms, easily keeping up with the other felines in the household. (Here’s a video of her movement:

This kitten doesn’t need any special care now, as she looks after herself the same as any good kitten. She gets lots of exercise and activity which strengthen her legs to ensure they develop to their maximum ability. The vet tells us that later in life she may be at risk of early arthritis, possibly even to the point where amputation of one of her back legs may be required to alleviate pain as she moves from middle age to older.

Meantime, she is absolutely adorable, completely comfortable in her own skin, and comes running for hugs. She gets along well with other cats, and most especially her brother SIR EDMUND. She is one of those kittens that melts your heart and has no idea how lovely she is. You could never feel sorry for her, because she doesn’t feel sorry for herself. She is just having a blast getting to know the world and all the sights, sounds, smells and thrills that surround her.

On second thought, please none of you adopt Stellaluna because I want her for my very own. Do you think I could sneak her into Sparta? Someone go distract Ed for me while I adopt this giggly little kitten. Of course, you could always try to beat me to it by contacting VOKRA and arranging a meeting, but that would be mean of you because I want to cuddle Stellaluna and shower her with kisses.

bunny kitty! all pictures by jackie dives!

Vancouver’s rainy season has started, and you know what goes well with rain and pumpkin-spice lattes? KITTENS! Go adopt them now!

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