vacation slides

Television has taught me that there is nothing people in the past liked better than to gather in a darkened room with a scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other, fire up the ol’ Kodak, and look at pictures of someone’s vacation. It was like taking the best AND worst of Instagram and adding a hostage situation to make it more fun. It was PowerPoint and scrapbooking rolled into one, without the kitschy themes and those dreadful quote stickers. It was a pure piece of historic Americana .. and now it’s back, and friggin’ ADORABLE:

tiny tiny projector is tiny tiny cute!

tiny tiny projector is tiny tiny cute!

Meet Projecteo! It was a Kickstarter project I backed last year because I love ridiculous gadgets, cute things, and spending money. Mine arrived yesterday, and it is so cool! It fits in the palm of my tiny elf hand, is powered by three (included) watch batteries, and came with a reel of my 9 favourite Instagram pictures. You’ll soon be able to order more reels, which will be awesome – I’m already planning all kinds of hostage situations in which you’re forced to view my vacation slides even though you’ve already seen the pictures on Instagram, Facebook, and my  blog. Too bad! They’re different when shown in tiny 35mm format! The picture quality is very good (don’t let my picture above fool you – it’s hard to take a good picture of a tiny slideshow projected onto an iMac in a bright office with a phone) (hah that sentence is so future times), and it’s super fun to whip it out and show people (just like genitals!).

I’m totally pleased with the outcome of this Kickstarter. TINY CUTE GADGET! HOORAY!

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