may long

It’s just not a long weekend if I don’t completely fuck up my sleep patterns for no good reason. Up until 2am! Awake at 6! Rinse and repeat until today, when I actually wanted to get up and out of the house early – except I was so tired from three nights of poor/small sleep I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and I ended up napping at 8am! Boo. Today was .. not productive, unless you count the skirt: I finished up a skirt made up of a dress I cut in half. There was also a lot of me time, and perogies. Both the me time and the perogies involved a lot of bacon, so I suppose it was a good day after all.

As far as long weekends go, it was a quiet one. I tried to rouse interest in people for social times, but that failed spectacularly so Ed and I just hung out with ourselves. We had a really good time by our lonesomes: there were hidden comic book stores, a trip up Burnaby Mountain where there were bees, terrible terrible frozen yogurt, ALL THE ANIMALS EVER, Five Guys, and more: adventure! Apparently, we ARE capable of doing more than playing Guild Wars 2/MechWarrior Online for untold hours at a time. Good for us.

So, Burnaby Mountain. We like going up there because it’s rarely busy, and there are some spectacular views of the city and Burrard Inlet. Saturday turned out to be really nice, so after a variety of fascinating errands we took a drive up to see what we could find. Answer: all the bees ever, a battered old ladybug, some incredible views, and honest-to-god raindrops on roses (the whiskers on kittens and warm woollen mittens were at home).

Sunday was more of the same: morning moping, then afternoon in the sun. We went to North Vancouver to try out Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, which was actually terrible: I didn’t know it was possible to make frozen yogurt taste horrible, but then there’s Menchie’s. We love Pinkberry and Qoola, but never again shall we be swayed by an adorable logo – Menchie’s was gross. We couldn’t find one flavour of yogurt that didn’t taste like ass (how do you fuck up strawberry), and settled for their sorbet which tasted like deodorant. Honestly, the best part of the visit was the awesome friendly cat that came to say hi on the patio, and the cute spoons.

Next up: Stanley Park. I wanted to see if there were any baby geese about, so we parked along Lost Lagoon and went for a walk. On our walk we saw:

  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Vampire Ducks
  • Heron (which I can’t pronounce)
  • A baby heron trying to pass itself off as a duck
  • A mother swan sitting on an enormous nest with three eggs in it
  • Two raccoons (or maybe one raccoon that followed us around) that Ed wouldn’t let me take home
  • Squirrels
  • A goose brawl
  • Turtles
  • A pair of geese with 21 BABY GEESE OUT FOR A FAMILY SWIM OMG
  • Stupid people feeding the raccoons
  • More epic scenery
  • Seagulls being ominous

.. and more, all in the span of an hour. Lost Lagoon in the spring has been officially added to my List of Things I’ll Miss if I Leave Vancouver, which was sort of an ongoing theme over the weekend. There are things I would miss, like the easy access to nature and wildlife. My goal throughout the summer is to remind myself of all the things I’d miss if I left, and to recapture the joy I had when we first got here .. but that’s another post I’m not ready to write yet, so moving on.

Which we did, to Five Guys. I miss the one at Park Royal (which will be back when all the construction is done), but the new location downtown helps – at any rate, it’s not Surrey. I may love Five Guys in my mouth, but I’d never go to Surrey to satisfy my itch (unless that itch involves picking up Stephanie on our way out of dodge).

We really did see a lot this weekend, so I can’t really complain. I did, though. Out loud, where no one can hear me.

I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow: interesting things are afoot and hopefully I will have some news soon. News! It has goo written all over it!

i’m in the goo!

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