wardrobe malfunction

My zipper broke at work today. I’m wearing a dress, as usual, and the zipper (which I never use; I just pull the dress over my head) decided it was done with life and split right in the middle. I tried to fix it, but the damage was catastrophic – I barely managed to get things under control let alone zipped up again. Naturally, the zipper is a very long one that goes from the neck down to my tailbone and without it, the dress is prone to flapping to and fro and also falling off. What’s a girl to do?

I sent out an emergency email begging for safety pins or a sewing kit, but came up almost empty. I was only able to scrounge up three safety pins and numerous offers of a stapler, and I definitely didn’t want to go home for the day just because I’m dangerously close to naked .. so I improvised with the tools at hand:

  • An emergency t-shirt
  • 3 safety pins
  • 1 binder clip
  • A kilt pin

I sprinted to the bathroom, put the dress on backwards, and voila:

you can hardly tell there's a problem!

you can hardly tell there’s a problem!

I can’t actually close the dress because when it’s on properly my boobs fit nicely into the boob pockets, but I can at least use the pins to keep the dress closed to just below my ribs. Sure, I look a little deranged, but it’s Monday so it’s okay.

MacGyver’s got nothing on me!

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