thirty days of ..

So, I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo this year. In the past, it’s always been kind of pointless because I posted every damn day to begin with .. but since I’ve dialed back my blog posting this year, trying to go 30 days straight will actually be somewhat of a challenge. A pointless challenge partnered with an exercise in futility and internet egotism, but still. CHALLENGE!

Even if I’ve neglected my blog a little this year, I didn’t want to simply post random “I’m cold/sad/hungry/bored/radioactive/on the good ship Lollipop” updates to make it through November – that’s cheating, and also pretty lame. Instead, I will attempt to write some Actual Content for thirty days – and not just content about how far my head is stuffed up my own ass, but stuff that may actually be of interest to others (alongside the head-up-ass stuff – I’m not trying to change the world, here). Unfortunately, I don’t really know a lot about anything at all that could actually be useful to anyone .. but I’ll share what I’ve got: a lot of app suggestions, a ridiculous amount of Transformers-related trivia, and some deep, dark secrets that I will share. 30 Days of Random Ass Stuff! What could possibly go wrong?

Here we go!

App the 1st


King Cashing 2

Genre: Slot Machine RPG, with Zombies
Sale Price: $0.99

King Cashing 2 is unlike any other game I’ve ever played. It’s a comic-book-style turn-based RPG with a slot-machine mechanic, and you play as the zombie(s). You get a limited number of turns (spins), and .. well, it’s hard to explain. I CAN tell you that it’s hilarious and it sucks you in and it’s a steal for $0.99, so take a look if you’re tired of crushing candy or flinging birds into the marketing ether. Is good fun. Go now.

Trivia the 1st

The 1986 Transformers movie was the final film made by Orson Welles (Unicron) AND Scatman Crothers (Jazz). While Unicron died in the movie (um, spoilers I guess), Jazz did not .. but because his voice actor died (Crothers also voiced Jazz in the cartoon series), the film marked the last time Jazz spoke. He was briefly seen in later cartoon episodes, but never had any lines.

Confession the 1st

I don’t like Sriracha sauce. I grew up with my mother dousing all her food in that stuff, and the smell of Sriracha reminds me of undiagnosed mental health issues and instant ramen. No thank you.

I can totally keep this up for 30 days. Only 29 to go!

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