thinking gives you wrinkles

App the 3rd


Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Genre: Match-3 RPG
Price: Free with optional IAP

I was a huge fan of the original Puzzle Quest game, and played through it many times. Subsequent releases were kind of stinky, though, so I wasn’t expecting much from this game .. but I was wrong. Oh so wrong. Marvel + Puzzle Quest = SUPER BIG TIME FUN! The game is free to download, and completely playable without having to spend any money. If you like match-3 games like Bejeweled but are utterly tired of crushing candy, try Marvel Puzzle Quest. It’s imaginary violence at its least animated!

Trivia the 3rd

Shockwave was supposed to die in the 1986 movie, but it was cut from the film. IDW Publishing eventually killed him off in their 2006 comic book adaption of the movie.

Confession the 3rd

I used to be a huge comic book nerd: always Marvel; never DC. I memorized the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (a 20+ issue encyclopedia printed between 1985 and 1988), and still retain most of what I read today .. which is why I can’t math, but can name all the Morlocks alphabetically by power.

I think I chose well.

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