very bad things

I had a big long post written up, but this would be much better suited to point form so here you go:

  • Westjet forgot to put my luggage on the plane
  • In addition to my clothing and toiletries, my suitcase contained all the AV equipment we need for tomorrow’s meeting
  • .. and my medication
  • Also my laptop charger
  • My US mobile credits expired
  • And the airport didn’t have free wifi
  • So I had to buy wifi in order to top up my T-Mobile account so I’d have data access
  • The system was borked: my payment registered, but I couldn’t get online
  • Sam and Ed were frantically calling airlines on my behalf, trying to get some answers
  • Ed got nowhere
  • Sam was told that Westjet miraculously just tripped over my luggage in Toronto, and they’d try to get it to me before I left Chicago
  • Ed tried to verify this info, and got nowhere – as far as the Westjet he called is concerned, they have no idea where my bag is
  • So, there’s that
  • I finally made it to the hotel
  • Wi-fi isn’t working
  • There’s a vending machine on my floor
  • It only takes $1 bills, of which I only have one .. and drinks are $1.50
  • I’ve got one US quarter
  • The machine won’t take Canadian change
  • Also, it’s a Pepsi machine
  • Fuck my fucking life
  • I’m going to cry myself to sleep now, while I wait for the vertigo and brain zaps to start
  • I hate everything
  • But especially Westjet
  • And Saturday Night Kimli, who actually thought to herself “you shouldn’t put your meds in your suitcase, put them in your carry on” but decided against it because logic would apparently jinx things and look where the fuck I am now
  • Fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck


3 thoughts on “very bad things

  1. Any chance of calling your doctor or your pharmacy and seeing if they can give you a day or two’s worth of your meds? I’ve had to do that when I’ve run out of Zoloft unexpectedly. It’s worth a try.

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