I’m a little worried that this week is going to take a lot out of me, but also put a bunch of things into me. I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking when I booked an INVASIVE MEDICAL PROCEDURE the day before I start a motorcycle riding course, but here we are: on Wednesday, I will be having my expired IUD extracted and a new one installed, and on Thursday I begin a safety riding course with ProRide. Also, I have an aquarium date scheduled for Wednesday evening. And an early-morning webinar on Thursday. Basically, all kinds of important things happening at a time that, historically speaking, I will be incapacitated with shock and awe. From the hardware upgrade. In my vagina.

I’m tired just thinking about this week, but that may just be because Monday.


3 thoughts on “overextended

  1. For what it’s worth, I had my own hardware replaced last year. It’s easy peasy getting it out and, as you know, uncomfortable going back in, but for the most part the replacement is easier than the initial insertion (from my perspective it was, anyway).

    You should be fine to ride, Sally, ride.

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