they fight crime

Super Lazy Sunday had the Super Bowl on, not for any sort of love of football but for the ambiance. Ed gave up after the halftime show to play Mech Warrior, and I think I fell asleep because when I woke up there was confetti everywhere and like 20 minutes worth of commercials in a row. After that, however, something called “Legends of Tomorrow” came on, and I started watching it out of curiosity.

Several things you should note at this point:

  • I thought I was watching the premiere of the show, because they made such a big deal of it being on after the Super Bowl. We don’t have cable anymore, but still get several local channels thanks to an antenna taped to the side of the wall – so commercials and current television are a bit of a mystery to me. Imagine my surprise when I eventually realized this was the 4th episode, which explained the lack of character introduction.
  • I really, really dislike the DC Universe. I am a Marvel Fangirl through and through, and anything DC-related is generally met with a giant sneer of derision because it’s all dumb. Even you, Batman. I’m tired of you.

Okay, so I’m watching what is clearly DC’s version of Agents of SHIELD until my attention wandered so I muted the TV. Ed surfaced around this point, and started asking me questions – who’s that? What’s his deal? Can I touch your butt?, etc. Based on what I know about the DCU, I tried to answer his questions: LoT clearly stars Alias Man, with the super power of nagging Token Black Kid from inside his head. That’s Superman, but he’s in disguise as millionaire playboy genius philanthropist DC Tony Stark. Over here is Prison Break 1* and 2, Blonde Bird, and Not-Rosario-Dawson, and they’re all led by a British Time Lord known as Dr. When. They went back in time to retrieve the Eye of Sauron, but were caught by the Stereotypical Soviet Science Squad. OH NO!

I think I did pretty good.

*: I kinda like Sneering Wentworth Miller. Too bad his character is a reformed bad guy who shoots a cold ray and calls himself “Captain Cold”. Classic DC character creation!

Okay, time to make popcorn.

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