eat a dick, gravity

Accident-Free for 0 Days

I fell off Lola this morning. No real damage done to anything other than my ego, but I’m a wee bit bloody and will start to bruise soon. Poor Lola has some shiny new scratches on her right side, which one of the worst parts of all of this. If I were the kind of person who equated owning things with motherhood, I would say that I am a bad scooter mom. Fortunately, I am not that kind of person.

The bruises and scrapes are bad, but I feel pretty awful about this for a lot of other reasons that I will now list for you here:

  • It vindicates the people who told me I couldn’t ride my scooter with a broken foot, even though it totally doesn’t. I drove to work one day last week, and it fucking sucked – the Minibator is standard, and operating the clutch with my broken booted foot was just a terrible idea all over the place. When riding my scooter and not falling off it, my left foot doesn’t touch the ground. Lola is automatic AND I’ve always used my right foot as my balancing foot. Today’s fall was a stupid miscalculation on my part that would have happened even if I wasn’t broken.
  • I’m on vacation as of 5pm. I’ve been working from home a lot lately because of the aforementioned broken foot, but I had planned on being in the office today to take care of some things and put in some face time before I take off on international adventures.
  • I had a hot dinner date tonight that I now have to postpone because sore and broken and generally out of sorts and sad
  • There were two important errands I wanted to run today
  • I am a walking disaster

I’m very excited about adventure, but today is made of suck.

Oh well. At least my bandages are cute.


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