this is not my beautiful house (anymore)

Living in Halfwack was nice – I’ll miss it.

Ed just came inside, saying “don’t go out there”. I was about to be an inch thick into the banana bread I baked this afternoon, so I had no plans to go out there or anywhere else. I grunted something non-committal (mouth full of banana bread), and heard a hurried and harried reply of “That was the biggest spider I’ve EVER SEEN! I’m gonna go take a pic of it!”

So, I gotta burn it all down. It’s a shame, because all my stuff is here. All my stuff, and the biggest spider Ed has ever seen.

Burning it now.

UPDATE: He came in to reassure me: “it’s gone, it’s gone – I killed it and the rest of them!”

Reeeeally gonna miss all my stuff and also all of British Columbia.

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