clouds in my coffee

GROWL! Smash! I am angry! In a fit of ironic passive aggressive rage, I vomit up a public diatribe about “you” – you’re a waste of flesh and bone who should fuck off and die in a fire! I hate you so hard I could just shit toothpaste and tacos! I’m so done with you! Go fuck yourself, you unnamed sack of donkey balls! Graaawr!

You’re impressed with my ability to tell it like it is, so you “like” my hateful rant. You go, girl! I’m so there with you! You sure can tell it like it is! You may not know who “you” is, but you sure wouldn’t want to be that person! Phew!

Now, just for a second, imagine that “you” is someone you actually know; someone who knows very well that the violent outburst was directed at them personally. Imagine that person reading the vicious words, then seeing your “like”s and gleeful solidarity. How would that make you feel? Would you regret the cheerful bandwagoning? Would you be taken aback by the anger; be dismayed or disgusted that someone wouldn’t think twice about loudly, publicly, arrogantly, ironically, passive aggressively spewing verbal magma about a mutual acquaintance? Or would you do it all over again – they’re just saying what everyone thinks! Right on, sister! Do it loud and do it proud!

How would you feel if you knew it was about you?

I bet it wouldn’t feel very good. I bet it would really hurt; seeing that much rage and baffling hatred aimed right at you – then watching silently as people you know and like agree with the spiteful and cruel sentiments. Do they feel that way too? Are they really your friends at all?

I bet it would totally suck.

I’m just guessing, though.

3 thoughts on “clouds in my coffee

  1. Wouldn’t be the worst thing my mom ever said to me or about me. Pffft! That all you got? Bring it… As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find a more dysfunctional family than mine. Nah, wouldn’t feel a thing. I sold my emotions a long time ago. I’m rather like Spock now, all logical and shit. Just saying…

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