to the rescue

I had always joked that I needed an Enhanced Driver’s License in case of emergency – if I ever needed to make an impromptu run for the border, I’d be able to do so at the drop of a hat. Therein lies the joke, see – what could possibly be an emergency that required leaving the country? Being out of Trader Joe’s trail mix is a terrible thing, but hardly an emergency. I would almost accept being desperate for good Mexican food, but if it were truly a matter of life and death, there are some passable places in Vancouver that are much easier to get to. And as much as we love Target for some reason, we don’t go there out of necessity – so what could be so critical that an unplanned expedition into the wilds of small town America has to happen immediately, with no time to fetch passports or ammo?

How about a motorcycle accident, with a (slightly) broken Josh?

Josh left Canada on Thursday to go riding/camping/being in Oregon for a while. He camped south of Mount Vernon on Camero Island for the night, but took a spill on his bike when heading out Friday morning and ultimately broke his collarbone. The bike is fine, but he was in a sling and trapped in a small town hospital (where they were amazed that he wasn’t on meth). We got word around noon that he needed rescuing, and we quickly took stock of our group: Shan was at work (with no passport), and couldn’t leave as she was the only one in the office – she wouldn’t be able to get Josh until the end of the day and after she had gone home to get ID and the van. Ed was in the middle of a multi-million dollar deal at work and crazy busy; it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for him to leave. Then there was me – I had my EDL, I drove the car into work that day to “run errands” (read: I was late and lazy), and have an awesome boss who would very likely understand the situation. I could be on the road in 4 minutes – just say the word. After some frantic calls back and forth and a quick talk with my boss (who wasn’t happy about my bailing but I’m making up the time in the office this afternoon to finish some work), I left the office at 12:30 to drive south and rescue Josh.

It was a long day, but I had Josh home by 9pm and in one piece. Travel insurance is a beautiful thing, and AAA/BCAA worked together to get his bike to the border and then to his house. We didn’t get axe murdered in the forest, met a real live Forest Ranger, saw a family of deer, and stopped at the duty-free for booze (Josh) and a huge bag of Urban Decay products (75% off cannot be beat). It took 410km and untold amounts of roaming long distance cell minutes, but he’s home and in a sling and full of prescription narcotics and that’s all that matters. I’m glad I was able to help out by getting him home, and thumb my nose at the naysayers who said the EDL is ridiculous – neener neener, there is too such a thing as an emergency run to the border, so there.

I have Secret Errands to run today, then I’m going into the office to finish some documentation I promised I’d have done yesterday afternoon. Sorry, guy – broken friend trumps making life easier for another company’s Help Desk, but I gotcha covered.

hooray for not being axe murdered!

oh deer!

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