authenticated feeds are a crappy silver lining

So, you know that “build an intranet” project that I’ve been working on since January? The one that’s supposed to launch tomorrow at 9am?

Yeeeeah, our backup server is corrupting the SQL databases. We have to rebuild, from scratch.

I am seriously, seriously bummed out about this. It’s no one’s fault, and I feel bad that other people feel bad for me – THEY didn’t let me down, Microsoft did. I hate Sharepoint, and this is doing little to bring out the love – “something” went wrong, and as a result, three months of work are about to be reformatted and rebuilt from nothing (not even ashes).

This sucks.

This is the first project I’ve had under my new boss, and I feel like I’m a colossal fuck up for failing to deliver on time (especially at the 11th fucking hour – everything was FINE on Tuesday; the “something” broke sometime Tuesday night/Wednesday morning). Even worse; the intranet was my main KPI this quarter and my inability to deliver a functional product means I failed my objective. That means no bonus, but even worse, all our KPIs are tied together and if one person drops the intranet-shaped ball, the entire team’s score goes down. My failure could directly affect my team’s bonus, and THAT FUCKING BLOWS.

I’m very mad at myself for not being a SQL psychic and somehow fixing this before it happened.

There are three very small silver linings in all of this:

  1. I poured my soul out to Ed via email, and he brought me flowers!
  2. The flowers came with a dirty, dirty card!
  3. We have to rebuild the server from nothing, so this time we can turn on Kerberos which means authenticated feeds will work properly instead of my complicated and crappy workaround!

I really, really hate feeling like a failure, even if I get pretty flowers of out it.

these are the official "sharepoint fucking sucks" flowers

the p ALWAYS stands for penis

At least I have enough time to make a fun header for our team site 4.0:

4 thoughts on “authenticated feeds are a crappy silver lining

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. I know just enough to know how much this colossally sucks.

    And, how much this is nobody’s fault but Microsoft’s.

  2. Oh my god. That is fucking terrible. I really hope they don’t hold it against you – act of perverse technology should be for raises like act of god is for insurance companies. Grr.

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