a little foolin’

I actually had a big April Fool’s prank planned at work – since I was going to be working late Thursday night to prepare for the intranet launch, I had planned to remove all my things from my desk. Every toy, picture, sticker, action figure, haunted portrait, and framed print of the guy who isn’t my father (it’s Hunter S. Thompson; everyone asks if it’s my dad for some reason) would be removed and replaced with nothing/actual work/a steaming cup of coffee. I was going to dress completely normal for today, and have my team act as though nothing was amiss. It would have been mildly amusing, but after yesterday’s catastrophe I was in no mood for fooling so I didn’t bother.

Still, I like to show SOME effort on this prankster holiday – so I’ve been walking around the office with this:

bite the wax tadpole!

Lame, but surprisingly effective – everyone who’s seen it so far as done a double take and asked what the fuck. At work, I’m more known for my non-stop Diet Coke consumption than I am for my cleavage (mostly because it’d be highly inappropriate to say anything about it, but I dress the same at work as I do the rest of the time so it’s kind of booby around here), so this is as effectively shocking as my showing up to an event wearing a turtleneck and sneakers. I am sufficiently amused.

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