I’ve been without my scooter for ten days now, and have no idea when I’ll get her back. I am annoyed and sad and irritated and not used to being without transportation, and my patience is wearing thin. There’s been a distinct lack of communication from the shop – when I finally called last week for an update, I was told they had to order my parts after all and they MIGHT get here next week. This makes me extra super mad, because I could have been (cautiously) riding this whole time and just brought Lola back when they were finally able to make the repairs. Instead, she’s been sitting in a shop or even outside for 9 days doing NOTHING, and I’ve been stuck at home. This fucking sucks. And they can’t give me an estimate on the final damage, OR when I’ll have her back. I am impotent with rage and frustration, and there’s nothing I can do but pout and whine – ineffective and highly annoying. I WANT MY SCOOTER BACK. It’s gorgeous outside, and I should be having adventures. The initial thrill of public transportation has worn off and had a sweaty, hairy man gut stationed in the face, and I loathe needing to take the car everywhere and/or be at the mercy of others for a ride. ANGER! IMPOTENCE! FRUSTRATED FOOT STOMPING! :(

Fury and snarling aside, I’ve had a very productive and varied weekend. Friday night was the Great Trip Planning Session, during which Heather, Renee and I abused our credit cards and ended the night with firm plans and ways to get to, from, and around London and Paris. We worked out the details and prices within pennies, and each purchased an assortment of passes and tickets for the group. $400 each later, it was an expensive but highly satisfying evening – we’re going to PARIS, bitches! I am so excited for our trip I could (and undoubtedly will) squeal!

Yesterday I had the honour of seeing one of my oldest friends get married on False Creek. It was a beautiful wedding with awesome people, and I got a little teary more than once. The weather could not have been any more perfect, the bride was luminous, and the groom is one of my favourite people on this planet: all ingredients for a glorious day. Watching the bride with her father made me realize how lucky I was to get married while my own dad was still healthy and able to travel – having him walk me down the aisle is something I’ll never forget, and while I’m still pissed that he died, I’m glad I had that moment.

There is nothing on my plate today. Tomorrow, though: playing hooky! I took the day off,, and I’m going to the PNE. Corn Dogs and Tilt-a-Whirl, here I come!


i love this city.

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