pretty sneaky, sis

It’s a well-known fact that while Apple offers free engraving on devices ordered through their online store, you’re censored in what you can have engraved – for example, they won’t do swear words or anything referencing drugs, stealing music, jailbreaking, and more. It’s not a huge deal – if you really want to have “I fuck like a cocaine pirate” engraved on your device, you can just take it to a kiosk and have it done separately. You could also try to disguise your filthy words in other languages, use hex or binary, or replace vowels with symbols (simple k-rAd speak isn’t enough – “sh1t” won’t go through but “sh!+” might) .. but that just seems like a lot of work to me.

It was far easier to just use taboo words from 17th century Scandinavia:

slat·tern   [slat-ern] noun
1. a slovenly, untidy woman or girl.
2. a slut; harlot.

Despite my whorish tendencies, I will never go A2M. I am so sure of this that I have it engraved on things!

Take that, censorship! Kimli: 1, Apple: all my money!


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