cat ass trophy

Dear internet,

There are many things I want to share with you. Most of them are mildly amusing, with one item in particular being flat out pants-wettingly hilarious. I’ve been saving these stories for the perfect moment, and that moment was going to be today .. until, just before I left the house this morning, everything went to hell.

Did you know that vagina problems are a lot less fun to talk about when they’re not happening to me?

Something is wrong with Cheddar. I caught her trying to bury my laptop sleeve this morning, which is usually indicative of her having thrown up on it (she has lived long and is a celebrated puker). When I looked to see what sort of disgusting fluid she had left in her wake, my heart dropped out of my chest: it was blood. Thin, watery blood that was coming from her underside, and her with no way to tell me what the fuck was wrong. I yelled for Ed, and he carefully flipped her over so we could inspect her parts.

Cheddar has a swollen vulva that is leaking watery blood. She keeps licking it, but doesn’t seem all that distressed by it – she was purring at the attention; chirping and following us around to hit us with her tail. We are Freaking Out, but can’t do anything until we take her into the vet today at 4pm. I hated to leave her at home to go to work, but I’ve got a bunch of important stuff that has to be done today (as well as picking up the paycheque that will pay for this unplanned vet visit). I’m kind of useless here, though – I’m worrying about Cheddar.

I do have a food update, though: of the 8 kinds of foods we tried over the course of the last week, she took to one of them and has been eating. Unfortunately, the other two cats hate EVERYTHING and while they aren’t going on hunger strikes, they’ve been exceptionally angry and full of jerk sauce to voice their displeasure. The only one of the foods they seemed interested in is another “from the vet” type that I was trying to avoid – I would dearly love to be able to pick up cat food from any kind of pet store instead of having to run to the vet in North Vancouver every time we run out, but that does not seem to be my lot in life. Plus, I have a feeling that Cheddar will be prescribed a special urinary food to ease her renals along (assuming that’s what the problem is and not some sort of horrible feline vagina implosion), so I might as well get re-used to it.

Dumb cats.

Okay, back to freaking the fuck out. :(

3 thoughts on “cat ass trophy

  1. Poor Chedder :( what kind of foods have you been trying, Madam Chub Chub is super finicky about food, it is frustrating she will like a food for a month then hate it, I change it she has the shits for a week then hates the new food. So frustrating.

  2. I feed my pets raw food, but I buy dry/canned for our fosters. I usually buy them Acana or Orijen and they always really like it. This time I bought the cats a bag of Before Grain, and they are going crazy for that stuff! I am not loyal to any one particular brand, as long as it’s grain free and high quality. The reason I usually buy Acana or Orijen is that it’s less expensive than other comparable foods, and it’s made locally (probably the reason for the less expensive part) I’ve fed quite a few fosters on these foods, and so far they all have been happy to eat :)

    I hope Cheddar is ok!

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