remember remember

I have a headache and I forgot to lunch. This is going to really bite me in the ass later, when I have to do Discount Groceries after work – expect to see a lot of things with “pocket” and “pop” in the name, as those adjectives tend to indicate food that could be in my belly the fastest. This plan can’t possibly go wrong!

PiBPaint It Back 

Genre: Nonogram/Picross
Price: Free ($2.99 to unlock all content)

Today I learned that the official name of picross games is “nonogram”, which sounds like a cutesy name for pre-school sexual harassment. At any rate, Paint It Back is a super fun logic puzzle game with a neat premise: all the art has disappeared, and you need to replace it. I’ve played many picross games and only two have ever entertained me (I find a lot of them to be ridiculously dry and tedious) – an old Shockwave game that I’ve forgotten the name of, and Paint it Back. Check it out for free, and if you like it, spend the $3 to unlock all the content. It’s worth it!

I’m running out of both trivia and secrets to share, so I think I’m going to have to space them out a little. That being said, today’s confession is that I kind of want to punch people really hard and also my dependency on gluten-free granola to get me through each morning is both amusing and alarming.

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