hey, i’m on tv

Yesterday was one of the strangest days I’ve ever had in my life. The Fountain of WTF peaked around 5pm, when I was interviewed at CBC for Connect with Mark Kelley – you can check it out below; my segment starts around 8:30 mark (but the whole show is great; lots of talk about the riots and people who tried to help during it).

Incidentally, it’s hard to get a screen cap with my name (spelled right this time!) in which I do not look like some sort of tool.

i'm a blogger!

Some things to note:

  • Isn’t my hair awful? I cut it myself the night before. In retrospect, if I had known I was gonna be on TV, I might have put the scissors down.
  • I’m wearing the same dress I was wearing the LAST time I was on CBC – how gauche!
  • No, I can’t say that last sentence with a straight face, and I find it utterly hysterical that it’s something I can utter at all – my life is ridiculous
  • Dude, they covered my boobs with a banner! I suppose that’s for the best – again, if I had known I was going to be on TV I might have worn something a little more demure
  • Oh, who am I kidding – I’d probably have shown up looking like this
  • It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me!

I’ve got birthday things to do now, but I’ve got a follow up post about the rioters I featured below a-brewin’ in my head – I’ll try to get that up later today. A lot of stuff has unfolded in the last 36 hours, and it’s all fascinating (in a voyeuristic kind of way).


8 thoughts on “hey, i’m on tv

  1. You were totally coherent, with no teleprompter, and the message was The Truth. But your comment “Dude, they covered my boobs with a banner!” was not so truthful, as your movements while speaking to the camera were like a fine tall ship moving through the swells, and those boobs did break out from the confines of the banner.

  2. Oh man, I was totally looking forward to your up and coming carreer as Vancouver’s newest rap sensation…! Damn it!
    (Aww! Kimli! You did good!)

  3. Great interview!
    I live outside Detroit, and although we heard a ton about the riot, nothing in the Detroit media has been mentioned about the clean up.

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