12 reasons to revolt in 2014

I honestly don’t know which part of this “article” (it’s actually an advertisement disguised as an article; ‘disclosure’ comes by way of a single line stating it’s an “advertorial” at the very bottom of the cluttered page) is the worst, but let’s go through each terrible offence like we’re BuzzFeed:

  1. “There are jobs! A simple Google search of “tech jobs Vancouver” will show that there are over 1000 jobs on the first website you find.”

The link they provide is to Tech Jobs Vancouver, where there are indeed 1095 jobs listed. However, the job postings are not current: it’s a list of job postings in Vancouver going as far back as 2008. Most of the links are dead. I’m sure you could find a position to apply for out of the list – they’re sorted with the most recent on top – but to say “so jobs! much employed! very work!” using that site as “proof” is incredibly misleading.


hooray for doge!

  1. “Supply and Demand = Money!  The average salary of a Web Developer in Vancouver is around $50,000. The lack of qualified professionals in the job market means this number will only continue to go up. If you’re going to work hard everyday and want to get compensated well, the tech sector is a good one to be in.”

No. No, no, no. Do you know what the salary range for a Web Developer is?:

numbers courtesy of Robert Half Salary Guides

numbers courtesy of Robert Half Salary Guides

don't look up your own salary range unless you want to be depressed forever

don’t look up your own salary range unless you want to be depressed forever

Ignoring the fact that as Canadians we get screwed in the salary department, the “article” claims that $50k is the AVERAGE salary – which means there are some people making LESS than that. This is not okay, people. Vancouver has the dubious distinction of being named the Most Expensive City in Canada/North American by a number of different publications, and you’re using our devastatingly low salaries as a reason people should work in tech here? That is BULLSHIT, and touting $50k as being “compensated well” only hurts the tech sector you’re trying to staff with superstars. The best tech brains in Vancouver DON’T WORK HERE. They go to the US, or work remotely (for US companies), or leave IT entirely. $50k is not a good salary for a web developer. It’s an insulting salary, and why Vancouver has a “tech talent crunch“: it’s because the salaries here are a FUCKING JOKE.

looking for this? you won't find it in vancouver.

looking for this? you won’t find it in vancouver. the money, i mean. you can buy green tinted visors anywhere in richmond.

  1. “Get in quick! Learning to work with new Technology has never been easier – the same applies to getting a job in Technology. You can now become a Software Developer in 8 weeks through innovative courses designed with a rigorous 40 hour per week curriculum. Why spend 4 years when you can get the same thing 16 times faster?”

Again, this entire stupid article is just an ad for the above-mentioned 8-week course, so take it with a mountain of salt. That being said, it’s still pretty insulting to think you can bypass years of education and experience with 8 weeks of cramming in knowledge. All these rotten whippersnappers taking shortcuts and stealing all our $50k/year jobs – it’s just sickening, I tell you what.

surprisingly, code core isn't associated with the university of phoenix

surprisingly, code core isn’t associated with the university of phoenix

  1. “Leave your suit at home!”

This is a petty bitch, but “you don’t have to wear a suit” is a perk akin to “free coffee”: it’s expected.

gpoy at work

gpoy at work every damn day

It’s not just the “article” that I have a problem with, actually. There’s more:

  1. VanCity Buzz deleted all negative or questioning remarks, then closed comments so no one else could chime in
  2. There was an excellent comment written by “Stephen”, who pointed out all the things wrong with the “article” in a much more articulate fashion than I have here
  3. It’s gone now
  4. I later learned that “Stephen” is actually a friend of mine, who works in the tech sector and is brilliant and has excellent things to say and oh is also female, but posts under a guy’s name in order to be taken seriously
  5. .. in 2014
  6. what the fucking fuck
tech sector sexism is my favourite flavour of bullshit

tech sector sexism is my favourite flavour of bullshit

So frustrate. I don’t understand how these people can’t see what a huge disservice they’re doing to Vancouver’s tech community. People are undervalued and underpaid and it’s driving the best of the best out of the city in search of not a fortune but an actual fair wage for the work they do. Vancouver’s local tech darlings are cashing in on people wanting to live here so they settle for shit pay, people dazzled by the name so they chalk it up as experience, and people who have roots and can’t simply pack it all up for greener pastures. Those that can leave, do. And then employers bemoan the lack of qualified candidates, and the whole goddamn thing starts all over again.

not even james baxter can fix this overnight

not even james baxter can fix this overnight

I don’t have any answers. I don’t know how, short of a massive nerd riot, Vancouver will get its head out of the owl’s ass and see there is a huge problem here. I just know that the VanCity Buzz “article” left a terrible taste in my mouth and I couldn’t simply bitch about it in private (or even publicly, since comments were closed) – I needed to share the outrage and also post some gifs (which, in retrospect, are totally annoying – how does BuzzFeed do this every day?).


i don’t wanna leave the city to make a decent salary, but I AM portable ..

Here’s hoping that the addition of Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter to Vancouver is a move to expand markets and create jobs for the talent in this city, and not just a plan to take advantage of our ridiculously low salary “expectations” .. but if I were a betting man, I would have to wear pants a lot more often.

such as this jazzy pantsuit number

such as this jazzy pantsuit number

Okay, one more just to get it out of my system:


two by two, hands of blue

PS: I know there are fewer than 12 reasons; I was making a reference
PPS: I know numbering isn’t working and everything has “1.” beside it – it’s way past my bedtime and I am too tired to fix that right now
PPPS: sorry about all the gifs; I will leave the BuzzFeeding to the BuzzFeeders in the future

and the livin’ is easy

If you did not have any fun on Saturday, it because we had it all. I am sorry.

I’ve always been deeply in love with the little Aquabus-style boats. I used to dream of getting married on one in the Victoria Inner Harbour, then sail off to sea in a tiny little boat for a lifetime of adventure. As this is impractical even for me, I’ve had to settle for the occasional day out on the water; pretending I’m a pirate in a small rainbow tug.

Yesterday I gathered up several of my closest chum-friends, and we bought all-day passes for the Aquabus. We met at Edgewater Casino (free parking in exchange for getting ID’d? SOLD), where we unsuccessfully casined before heading out on the water. It was a spectacular day to be enjoying False Creek, and I had a happy time playing tourist with a thousand cameras.

After we had sailed towards Granville Island and back again, things got a little less fun (as in it went from a 7 from a 9): we got a different boat driver; one who was obviously displeased that there were seven of us with the $15 day pass. He wanted us off his boat so he could fit other passengers on, and was so rude that we decided to hop off at Olympic Village and hopefully get a different boatman. We ultimately stopped for some food at Urban Fare, then walked along the False Creek path towards Spyglass Dock. It was a gorgeous day for walking times, and on our way we saw:

  • All the puppies in Vancouver
  • A baby duck desperately peeping for mama duck, who eventually figured out how to hop the board and join her baby in the creek
  • A RIVER OTTER! Never seen one before!
  • Justin while he was out walking the insanely adorable Monkey (who, incidentally, has me thinking about getting a French Bulldog over a Pug)
  • A polka dot piano, which Renée played while Shan sang

We hopped on another Aquabus for some water fun, but unfortunately ran into more grumpy employees: we were forced to get off the boat at Granville Island and wait in line to get back on again, even though our actual destination was where our original boat was going. Not at all cool, and put a second Aquabus-caused sour note on an otherwise amazing day. I was really disappointed, because my previous experiences with Aquabus had been awesome (and our first and last boat pilots were great) .. I had wanted to keep on sailing around, but we were all feeling pretty unwelcome at this point so we decided to call it a day. A glorious day, but still.

Today is very hot. I am sitting around in my underwear half-heartedly playing video games, but soon I will rinse yesterday off and brave the outdoors for a scooter ride. I want to take some evening photos and maybe wander the Chinatown Night Market when the sun goes down, and make the most of this long weekend and the long overdue return of the sunshine.

Also, plan more adventures. Enjoying myself in Vancouver is easing the overwhelming longing to be in London just a little bit, and I might get over the longing entirely if someone gives me enough money to live in Olympic Village. I’d even be a shill! Just sayin’.

this makes me happy.

ya know?

ya know?

adventure time adventure

After dinner last night (welcome back, Chronic Tacos on Broadway – you’ve been missed), Ed and I went for a walk and did some exploring. A couple of weeks ago I swore I saw a random picture of Finn somewhere near Cambie, and I wanted to go back to see if I could find it. And I did:


And then I found some more!

after we dance: bacon pancakes for everyone!

she’s ready for you, brad. isn’t it obvi?

who wants to play video games?

I don’t know who drew these, but they are AWESOME and I love them and I hope they stay up so they can be enjoyed by many! If you want to see them, they’re under the Cambie St. Bridge, next to the Olympic Village Skytrain Station.

All in all, it was a very picturesque Taco Night:

new murals under which to enjoy your tacos

i like taking upskirt pictures of bridges, okay? don’t judge me.

a romantic rowboat date on false creek after dark with no lights is dangerous and stupid, but makes for a pretty picture.

A+++. would Friday night again.

good news, everyone

Many weeks ago I alluded to some Big Changes coming at work; changes that would either make me sad and frustrated or happy-ish but faking competency. I am pleased to announce that the information embargo has kind of been lifted*, and I now know what my future holds: I will be happy, and I won’t have to bullshit my way through being a Project Manager to do so!

The backstory: a few months ago, a decision had been made by Those In Charge that would take most of the fun out of my job and make things extra tedious and confusing. Naturally I was unhappy about this, because I love fun and hate tedious – also, I am Good at Information and with the new format, I would not be allowed to be Good at Anything outside of reading and regurgitation. I started rocking the boat in sadness, and had asked anyone who would listen that should these changes come to fruition, I needed to be in a different role: one that would allow me to DO the things I am Good at. I felt that the changes would hold me back and punish my voracious need to know All the Things Ever, and this would make me miserable (and also be bad for the company: I’m smart! Use me!).

To my extreme surprise and joy, my plaintive mewling was heard and last week I was told The Plan: instead of moving me into Sales (scary) or making me a Project Manager (terrifying), I am being moved to a brand new team called Product Design, where my job would be to do all the fun, hands-on, thinky, scary, talky, creative stuff that I was worried I was going to lose. It’s a role that was both literally and figurative MADE for me, and I am so excited I could just squeak. HOORAY! It’s absolutely the most awesome outcome that could have happened; one so good it never even crossed my mind to ask about. I can’t wait to get started (the team officially starts on June 24th)!

Have I mentioned lately that I love what I do? And now, I get to love it even more. YAY! I am about this happy:

“yay!”, honked the goose, showing off his frightening teeth.

Also, my weekend was this good:


*: I asked for an updated job description, but was asked to wait until we actually get started so we can figure out what the whole proces is going to look like. I have a fairly good idea what I’ll be doing, so I’m not worried. Also, I get to invent a new title for myself. What should I be? I am currently a Technical Writer, which has no pizzaz whatsoever. I need a flashier title. Help me!

you can’t take the sky from me

Listen up, Vancouver:

I know it’s May 29th and the weather kind of sucks. It’s a Wednesday, which is usually the worst day of the week what with the no end in sight. Maybe you slept poorly, or you missed your bus, or your boss has been riding your ass about the Harrison account. Car’s in the shop? Pants are too tight? Husband fell asleep after his orgasm and forgot about yours? I get it. Stuff sucks all over.

But that is NO REASON to be such a RAMPAGING MEGA BITCH all over my happy little Wednesday, you stuck-up harpy twats.

Everyone is so cranky today. I got many nasty looks on the bus from various women who disapprove of my bountiful bosom – many more than usual, that is – and when I got to work, four different snooty ladies in high heels were varying degrees of bitchy towards me. Was it really necessary to yank the door out of my hand because I evidently wasn’t moving fast enough? Did you really need to shove past me to get to the elevator first? I’m sorry that my accidental crossing of your path ruined your day to the degree your heaving sigh warranted, and yes please throw shade my way because I accidentally brushed your $ridiculously expensive, utterly hideous designer bag with my low-brow self. I earned your scorn! Teach me to always defer to the better-dressed!

Seriously, people. What the fuck could be so terrible that you have to not only ruin your day, but the days of those around you? Not at all cool, and I refuse to play along: for every person who glares, harumphs, sneers, or tuts my way, I shall counter with a brilliant, mocking smile. You won’t bring me down, nasty people! I laugh at your general disapproval and grim-but-well-toned asses!

may long

It’s just not a long weekend if I don’t completely fuck up my sleep patterns for no good reason. Up until 2am! Awake at 6! Rinse and repeat until today, when I actually wanted to get up and out of the house early – except I was so tired from three nights of poor/small sleep I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and I ended up napping at 8am! Boo. Today was .. not productive, unless you count the skirt: I finished up a skirt made up of a dress I cut in half. There was also a lot of me time, and perogies. Both the me time and the perogies involved a lot of bacon, so I suppose it was a good day after all.

As far as long weekends go, it was a quiet one. I tried to rouse interest in people for social times, but that failed spectacularly so Ed and I just hung out with ourselves. We had a really good time by our lonesomes: there were hidden comic book stores, a trip up Burnaby Mountain where there were bees, terrible terrible frozen yogurt, ALL THE ANIMALS EVER, Five Guys, and more: adventure! Apparently, we ARE capable of doing more than playing Guild Wars 2/MechWarrior Online for untold hours at a time. Good for us.

So, Burnaby Mountain. We like going up there because it’s rarely busy, and there are some spectacular views of the city and Burrard Inlet. Saturday turned out to be really nice, so after a variety of fascinating errands we took a drive up to see what we could find. Answer: all the bees ever, a battered old ladybug, some incredible views, and honest-to-god raindrops on roses (the whiskers on kittens and warm woollen mittens were at home).

Sunday was more of the same: morning moping, then afternoon in the sun. We went to North Vancouver to try out Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, which was actually terrible: I didn’t know it was possible to make frozen yogurt taste horrible, but then there’s Menchie’s. We love Pinkberry and Qoola, but never again shall we be swayed by an adorable logo – Menchie’s was gross. We couldn’t find one flavour of yogurt that didn’t taste like ass (how do you fuck up strawberry), and settled for their sorbet which tasted like deodorant. Honestly, the best part of the visit was the awesome friendly cat that came to say hi on the patio, and the cute spoons.

Next up: Stanley Park. I wanted to see if there were any baby geese about, so we parked along Lost Lagoon and went for a walk. On our walk we saw:

  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Vampire Ducks
  • Heron (which I can’t pronounce)
  • A baby heron trying to pass itself off as a duck
  • A mother swan sitting on an enormous nest with three eggs in it
  • Two raccoons (or maybe one raccoon that followed us around) that Ed wouldn’t let me take home
  • Squirrels
  • A goose brawl
  • Turtles
  • A pair of geese with 21 BABY GEESE OUT FOR A FAMILY SWIM OMG
  • Stupid people feeding the raccoons
  • More epic scenery
  • Seagulls being ominous

.. and more, all in the span of an hour. Lost Lagoon in the spring has been officially added to my List of Things I’ll Miss if I Leave Vancouver, which was sort of an ongoing theme over the weekend. There are things I would miss, like the easy access to nature and wildlife. My goal throughout the summer is to remind myself of all the things I’d miss if I left, and to recapture the joy I had when we first got here .. but that’s another post I’m not ready to write yet, so moving on.

Which we did, to Five Guys. I miss the one at Park Royal (which will be back when all the construction is done), but the new location downtown helps – at any rate, it’s not Surrey. I may love Five Guys in my mouth, but I’d never go to Surrey to satisfy my itch (unless that itch involves picking up Stephanie on our way out of dodge).

We really did see a lot this weekend, so I can’t really complain. I did, though. Out loud, where no one can hear me.

I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow: interesting things are afoot and hopefully I will have some news soon. News! It has goo written all over it!

i’m in the goo!

bad timing

Most of the time I’m able to escape whatever horrible ailments befall Ed, but not this time – I’m sick. He had a terrible cold that kicked his ass all last week, and yesterday, I caught it. My throat is on fire, my head is swimming, I’m sore all over, and there is congestion where there ought not to be congestion – I’m sick and I’m miserable about it: not so much because I have a cold, but because this is likely the SINGLE WORST DAY IN THE HISTORY OF DAYS to be unable to leave the house. By being Patient Zero, I am missing out on the following things going on in Vancouver today:

  • Record Store Day – all of these local stores are participating, and I wanted to check it out
  • Vancouver FanExpo is happening downtown at the Convention Centre, and as a well-rounded nerd into all things nerdy, I should be with my people (except without being all awkward)
  • Make It Vancouver is at the Croatian Cultural Centre – it’s one of two major local handmade craft shows (Got Craft? being the other), and I wanted to go play
  • It’s gorgeous outside – perfect for wandering around through various festivals and events
  • It’s April 20th – the annual 420 celebration is at the VAG this afternoon, and it’s always an amusing contact high/picture taking time
  • I have a Groupon for my favourite boat rental place in West Vancouver that expires in two days, and this weekend was my last chance to use it
  • Lori is leaving Vancouver and having a goodbye/buy our crap drop-in today, and I want to say bye :(
  • It’s the last two days of a big sale at Sephora, and I wanted to stock up on a few things
  • Re-Fashion Vancouver is today only in Yaletown

There are other things I’m probably forgetting, but I wanted to do so many things this weekend .. and instead, I’m a mess. A sad, unwashed, highly contagious, cranky mess.


all of the fun

I do not know how I can possibly be hungry after last night, but I am awake and starving and could eat all of Denny’s all over again.

Amazing weekend. Don’t particularly want it to end or face the mountain of laundry slowly gaining sentience on my bedroom floor. I want more sweaty music, more laughing with friends, more tall men named Sheldon flirting with me, more accidental running into Steve, more Andy and his amazing band, more Seattle. I want it all .. but I need clean underwear, so it’s back to reality (for now).

I picked Stephanie up in Surrey on Thursday night after a series of unfortunate events that started with my (paycheque-sized) tax refund being held up by CRA because I didn’t file 6 years worth of empty GST/HST paperwork. After getting that sorted out (thanks, Government Darill), I hopped in the Minibator and .. got lost. See, I don’t go to Surrey. It’s absolutely a Vancouver Snob thing. Worse, every time I try to go to Surrey or Delta or Langley, I end up in New Westminster because all bridges are the Queensborough Bridge. I may aim for the other, correct bridges, but each time my brain says “yep, this is totally the bridge to the ‘burbs” and I then I find myself in Wal-Mart with three grubby children and a shopping cart full of off-brand Kraft Dinner and pull ups. I eventually got myself sorted out and made it to Surrey, which was as stereotypical as expected. One Steph later, we were on our way: it was time for Seattle.

The drive down was largely uneventful, if you do not consider apocalyptic weather to be an event. We drove through torrential rain, wind, scary dark freeway times and even time travel fog before coming through on the other side in one white knuckled piece. We were staying with Steph’s sister in Redmond, and we pulled into the belly of the Microsoft beast just before midnight after a harrowing ride.

Steph and I left the house the following morning with no game plan, so we headed to the EMP for the Art of Video Games exhibit. It was neat, but not really worth making a trip for (and that’s saying something, given how much I am in love with video games) .. but the day was saved by the OTHER exhibits at the EMP: the Hall of Nirvana, and the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING horror movie exhibit which you REALLY NEED TO GO SEE. Also, if you’ve never been, there’s a super cool science fiction exhibit (which both of us had seen before so we skipped it this time) that is totally worth seeing. They’re currently setting up the next exhibit on Fantasy and Myth, so if anyone wants to go on a mini road trip in April, museums will happen.

A late lunch at the always ridiculous and delicious Lunchbox Lab followed, and a very brief stop into Pike Place Market – the market is only open until 6pm, and we got there around 5:45. The market itself is nothing new, but we wanted to check out the flowers coz they’re always pretty, and also buy some delicious vinegar from Sotto Voce (which we managed to do with 2 minutes to spare). Wandering happened, and then .. we saw a giant ferris wheel down by the water. With two hours to kill until the show, we decided to go down and check it out: one does not simply see a giant lit up ferris wheel spinning merrily around without further investigation, so we piled back into the Mini and I used my Super Sense to find our way down to the waterfront.

We had stumbled upon the Seattle Great Wheel, all lit up for the opening of the Sounders season. Upon seeing that the seats were in enclosed pods, we decided we needed to go on a ride (we are adventuresome but prone to freezing, and the wheel is right on the water) – call it a consolation prize, because neither of us got to go on the London Eye on our various trips to Europe. Also, the $15 ticket price was a great deal easier to swallow than the £20 in London. The ride was super fun and we got a lot of pictures of Seattle at night from above – would totally recommend, especially if you go during off season because it’s much less busy and you’ll likely get a pod to your group instead of having to share, so then you can totally make out like we and the cute gay boys in the pod next to us did.

Finally, it was time to make our way to Neumos for the show: Astronautalis was opening for Why?, and I will always always drive to Seattle to see Astronautalis play. The venue was crowded as fuck (all ages show), but by pure chance Steph and I managed to get a great spot by the stage just time in for Andy’s set. Also, I poked him twice in the shoulder because I am smooth, and I got a hug. I win. We didn’t stay for the headliner because we were both tired and not feeling the massive crowd, so we made a graceful exit and drove off into the night (slowly, as Pike East is the Granville Street of Seattle and every single person between the ages of 21 and 30 were standing in line to get into a club).

Saturday was a bit rushed, because we had things to do and a deadline to meet back home. We ran important errands (wine, iTunes credit, looking for gnomes) and got out of town around 1pm. More terrible weather on the way back to Vancouver, all the rum at the duty free, and we were back home by 4:45: just enough time to power nap, power shower, and get ready to do it all over again. Steph enjoyed the show in Seattle, so she bought a ticket to come with Ed, Shan and I to see Astronautalis in Vancouver at the Biltmore where we met a coworker who bought my other ticket, and ran into No Fun Steve who was there to see Why?. Fun! I put stickers on my boobs, got right up at the stage for the set (much to the extreme annoyance of the fan girls who planted themselves at the stage for the entire duration of the evening so they could be front and center for Why? – cool but don’t give me dirty looks when I try to get up front for the act I want to see; I will gladly acquiesce my space to you when the act is done), bopped around and generally had myself a great fucking time, as always. Andy and his boys put on an amazing fucking show, and I absolutely adore dragging people out to Astronautalis shows with me because they always enjoy it and then I get to go say hi to the band and they sometimes remember me and yay! Also, shut up – I rarely fangirl out over things, so if I want to be a squealing ninny over this I’m totally allowed because they are my favourite ever, and I will always enthusiastically support the things I love in any way I can.

Also, didn’t accidentally see anyone pee this time. Bonus.

We stuck around for most of the Why? set, then took off before the Biltmore turned into a dance club (that happened the last time we were at the Fortune Sound Club and it was terrifying). The plan was to get tacos, but Chronic Tacos broke our hearts by being CLOSED (apparently for renovations?) so we did the next best thing: fucking DENNY’S, Y’ALL. We ordered ALL THE FOOD (there was so much food), ate it all, then went home: Steph was Rum Drunk and I was Tired Drunk, and we needed to be poured into our respective beds to begin the downward descent into reality and back to a life without daily rap shows and Moons Over our Hammies at midnight.

So much fun. A++++, would do again in a heartbeat. Am a bigger fan of Astronautalis and his band after every single show I see. Love my life, and all those in it.

Pictures coming sometime!

classiest ever.

all of the things

In preparation for what I hope will be a busy year full of Good Times, I spent much of the last week Doing Things. Outside. With Other People. It’s fun and exhausting all at once, and I keep forgetting how much I like outside. I really ought to remember it more often.

On Wednesday, Ed and I went to the Vancouver Aquarium for After Hours. It was our first time at the Aquarium, and it was FUCKING AWESOME. I can’t believe we waited so long to check it out, but we both absolutely loved it to the point of buying a memberships so we can come back and hang out with the otters to our heart’s content. You’ll still never catch me at the Aquarium’s Seafood Nights – that’s too morbid even for me – but I plan on spending a lot of time exploring the Aquarium this summer, because scooting to Stanley Park is awesome and plus there are cool critters everywhere:

Fish Crab

i bet i taste good.

graceful, yet creepy as fuck

graceful, yet creepy as fuck

.. and so on and so forth. I posted a lot over on my Instagrams, and will likely post a thousand more over the course of my membership. FUN! Also, the next After Hours (adults only so you can enjoy the Aquarium without kids around) is on June 6th. Y’all should go – I will be there!

Saturday was a big day for us, as we hit up not one but FOUR different places. First on the docket was an engagement party for Bonnie and Catherine, who are among my very favourite people ever. I’m so giddy that they’re getting married I could (and routinely do) fall over – they are adorable, and I love them all over. The theme of their party was Fancy Times; everyone needed to wear a tea gown and a fascinator or hat. As expected, Ed balked at wearing a gown but did wear a hat so we both looked very dapper (I may have been more ridiculous than dapper). Friends of theirs hosted the party in their gorgeous house, and it was a lovely afternoon with cupcakes and excellent people I do not see nearly enough and the couple of honour, Bonnie and Catherine.

We came home for a quick wardrobe change (more boobs were required), and picked up Josh and Shan for Adventures Parts 2-4. We stopped in at the Hot Pink art show to say hi to some people, meet some other people, and look at art – I even BOUGHT an art, and I am super excited to hang it in my Lady Cave. I really want to commission Bret to make me an art of my oranges – maybe that will be my birthday present to myself. Art is super!

After art (where I really should have stayed longer because I missed out on meeting a bunch of people I’ve been Twittering with forever), we went to St. Augustine’s to meet up with Cait and Dylan for food and beer. The place was packed beyond imagining and it took quite a while to get seated and even longer to get food, but it was well worth the wait (the burger I had was frickin’ amazing, with Perfect Bacon and all the delicious). We stumbled up the street afterward to go to the Royal Canadian Legion, which was equally hopping with an eclectic mix of people and really loud bands. We had hoped to play some darts, but the boards were being hogged by some nasty hipsters who were not taught how to share (or play darts). Cait almost started a rumble, but we eventually gave up on Operation Darts despite the incredibly friendly Legion regulars who helped us find a table and got us seats. It was actually really cool in there, and people were loving the band. My parents used to frequent the Legion in Victoria almost every weekend for dancing, before my dad was unable to – I could almost picture my mom and dad in there, tearing it up (and complaining about how loud the music was).

Then, home. In between all the Outside, I did quite a bit of trouble-causing in various places online, and was giggling all night at the aftermath of my outrage and pot-stirring in various locations.

Today there shall be nothing. I slept in, I’m writing, and I’ll probably watch the Oscars. The week ahead holds the strata AGM (not exciting), and a trip to Seattle (very exciting) with Steph – we’re going to the Art of Video Games exhibit at EMP followed by an Astronautalis show, then coming home on Saturday so I can go to another Astronautalis show the next night.


Now, to do additional research on obtaining a UK Ancestry Visa! It’s wishful thinking at the moment, but who knows what the future holds?